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    Enable "After sum" gets   on "New certificate" page.

    Posted 24 Jun 2013

    When you enalbe "After sum" for your currency,   is displayed on "New certificate" page like this:
    Amount should be between 50.00 $ and 1,500.00 $

    Please check the attached screenshot.

    Changing "Account type" to "Affiliate" gets 403 Error

    Posted 24 Jun 2013

    Changing "Account type" to "Affiliate" gets 403 Error.
    This is how to duplicate the issue.

    Version : V4.0.1 RC2(With Demo Data)

    Change Store from "All Stores" to "Simbirsk technologies"

    Go to "Customers -> Customers"

    Go to "Edit profile" page of "Customer Customer"

    Try to change "Account Type" from "Customer" to "Affiliate".

    You'll be redirected to "403 Access denied" page.

    billing/shipping customer name not displayed in Abandoned / Live carts

    Posted 23 Jun 2013

    Billing/shipping customer name not displayed in "Abandoned / Live carts"

    Please see the attached screenshot.

    [REQUEST] Add hook point to "fn_get_simple_statuses"

    Posted 20 Jun 2013


    I would like you to add hook point to the beginning and end of the function "fn_get_simple_statuses" just like "fn_get_statuses".

    e.g. 'get_simple_statuses_pre' and 'get_simple_statuses_post'

    "fn_clear_cache" desn't clear "var/cache/templates"

    Posted 19 Jun 2013

    A function "fn_clear_cache" clear only "var/cache/misc", and doesn't clear "var/cache/templates".

    In CS-Cart V3, I think the function clears both of them.