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	Compare And Contrast Essay Outline On Online Vs Traditional Classroom Education |Guidelines 2021


While few students consider writing a compare and contrast essay a fun activity, there are others like me, for whom it is a cumbersome task. Comparing and contrasting two subjects in an essay is no easy task, one has to have great analytical skills coupled with good writing skills to write an effective compare and contrast essay. You have to look for underlying similarities and differences between the subjects under discussion. Although you have to select comparable things from the same category, there are many differences to be discovered between the items. For example, you could choose to Write My Paper on two movies, two of your favorite car models, or bikes and cars, etc.


Do you have to write a compare and contrast essay on online vs traditional classroom education? Do you not know where to start? Have you been staring at the computer screen for the past few minutes? Well, it is not very difficult. My guess is that you have attended traditional classroom education for sure and due to the pandemic you have also had an experience of online education through a Paper Writing Service. In your essay, you only have to write about the differences and similarities that you have found in the two types of education. The best way to begin your essay is by making a compare and contrast essay outline.


Online vs traditional classroom education essay outline


  1. Introduction
  2. Hook statement: With the advancement of technology, now students can take classes while sitting in their bedrooms.
  3. Specifying subjects that you are going to compare and contrast in your essay: In the past, students had to travel to their schools and colleges to take classes. However, in modern times, one has the option of taking virtual classes in online schools and colleges or getting out of their beds and going to their school and college buildings and taking classes there.
  4. Thesis statement: Both online and traditional classroom education had their own advantages but the former is comparatively more advantageous than the latter.
  5. Body
  6. First body paragraph
  7. In the traditional way of learning, students get to learn in a proper classroom environment, where they can immediately learn lessons with their peers.
  8. However, in the case of modern online learning, students lack the classroom environment. One cannot learn effectively in his bedroom.
  9. Second body paragraph
  10. The traditional classroom education offers an opportunity for students to meet with their teachers in person. They get immediate feedback and seeing their reactions helps them learn better.
  11. In online classes, students do not get to meet their teachers in person and therefore Essay Writer responses and reactions carry less weight, comparatively.
  12. Third paragraph
  13. According to the social constructivist theory, students can easily construct great knowledge while interacting with their fellows.
  14. In online learning, students do not get an opportunity to share their ideas. Therefore, there is no creation of further knowledge.
  15. Fourth Paragraph (counter argument)
  16. Many of the students do not go to school and colleges because of the inconvenience of traveling to the university and school setups.
  17. In online learning, no one has to go through the inconvenience of traveling long distances to get to a school or college. One can easily attend classes at home. Therefore, a large number of students are able to get an education through online classes.
  18. However, the quality of online education is not as good as that of traditional education. Therefore, online graduates face difficulties in competing with traditional schools and college graduates.




  1. Restating thesis statement: Although both traditional and online education has their advantages, the former outnumbers the later in benefits.
  2. Enlisting main points: Classroom environment, opportunity to interact with peers and teachers, discussing ideas with others, all are missing in online classes.
  3. Therefore, students should prefer to take traditional classroom classes over online classes.

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