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Moving Category Descriptions

16 August 2021 - 02:03 AM

I found a post from years ago addressing this but it's no longer relevant and am not sure of the answer,

I want to move the category text below the navigation.  I assume it's somewhere in here: /design/themes/responsive/templates/views/categories/view.tpl

{hook name="categories:view"}
<div id="category_products_{$block.block_id}">

{hook name="categories:view_description"}
{if $category_data.description || $runtime.customization_mode.live_editor}
    <div class="ty-wysiwyg-content ty-mb-s" {live_edit name="category:description:{$category_data.category_id}"}>{$category_data.description nofilter}</div>

{include file="views/categories/components/subcategories.tpl"}

{if $products}
{assign var="layouts" value=""|fn_get_products_views:false:0}
{if $category_data.product_columns}
    {assign var="product_columns" value=$category_data.product_columns}
    {assign var="product_columns" value=$settings.Appearance.columns_in_products_list}
{$is_selected_filters = $smarty.request.features_hash}

{if $layouts.$selected_layout.template}
    {include file="`$layouts.$selected_layout.template`" columns=$product_columns}

{elseif !$show_not_found_notification && $is_selected_filters}
    {include file="common/no_items.tpl"
{elseif !$subcategories || $show_no_products_block}
    {include file="common/no_items.tpl"
<div class="cm-pagination-container"></div>

{capture name="mainbox_title"}<span {live_edit name="category:category:{$category_data.category_id}"}>{$category_data.category}</span>{/capture}

But when I've tried changing it around I haven't had any luck...


Language Values Errors

05 March 2021 - 11:13 PM

I'm having a really frustrating issue with one of my sites and hopefully someone knows a solution.

Any time I try to make any change to text within random language variable values I get redirected to a 404 error page and the changes will not stick? 


I'm using CS 4.12.2.SP1 Ultimate and I don't have a clue what could be causing this to happen. 

I've had to close the store until I can find a solution, ideas?