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In Topic: RMS Integration

10 June 2010 - 08:43 AM

Hi all, sorry for my late reply.

We are using RMS for our bookshop and CS-Cart for our webshop. There are companies out there like Nitrosell which offer an integration solution, quite good by the way, but quite expensive. There are others who offer integration with X-Cart (I believe).

I like CS-Cart and I believe the integration can be done. We are working on it and we are taking small steps because of lack of time and resources.
This is what we have found:
For the orders:
1. RMS has already something of a webintegration for Yahoo Stores. There is a table in RMS database called the Exchange table. There, you add a row with a some data and an the order information in XML.
2. Once a new order is added, you go to the POS and hit CTRL+F10 (if I remember well) and it will pull up all the orders that are in the exchange table that have not been processed. If litteraly pick up all the info and even creates clients for you if they don't exist.

Our approach in development:
1. Use webservices. We are using Amazon's webservices and a modification of the SMS addon. Once an order is processed, we then send the info to the amazon's webservices.
2. On our RMS server, there is a little app in php that pulls the info from Amazon's webservice and then adds the orders into the Exchange table.

For uploading inventory:
RMS also has the integration ready for uploading and updating inventory, orders, etc. to a yahoo store. However, our approach will be to do it again through Amazon webservices.
1. In RMS you can create COM apps to "hook" them or call them through "hooks". There are a lot of events that can be used to call a COM app and get the information from RMS database and convert it into a file or XML format.
2. That info is pushed to the Amazon webservice and then pushed to CS-Cart and use the exim.php functions to upload the file through webservice call in CS-Cart. This is a concept approach.

For clients:
Again, it will be a matter of probably reading a bit more how RMS does it for the Yahoo stores. We have not gotten into this yet.

The reason we are using Amazon webservices is that it is simpler than SOAP or NuSOAP, plus is more robust and you can add other events and notifications etc.

What anyone doind this will need of course is the RMS Customization Guide which you can get only get from a Microsoft Partner. I got it but I'm don't think I'm allowed to distribute it. I can for sure upload a sample of the XML accepted by the Exchange table.

I hope that someone with more experience can create something of a complete solution. I asked the CS-Cart tech support and they say they can create something for exporting and importing xml orders, inventory for $800, which to me was too much money for that functionality.


In Topic: Review of www.webgraphiq.com

17 May 2010 - 04:01 PM

I bought Alphabetical listing and mini-cart addons from webgraphiq and I'm quite happy with both addons. They worked perfectly and added much needed features for our webshop.

I'll be getting more products and even ideas for Mr. Thomas in the future. I think their work is quite good and they are very helpful. People must understand that English is not their first language and therefore communication back and forth might give way to misunderstandings.

We all have been so patient with CS-Cart. I think that we should also be patient and understanding with all other developers who are trying hard to help all of us and at the same time make a decent living out if it.

Anyway, I recommend webgraphiq products to anyone.

In Topic: Paypal Express Checkout

15 April 2010 - 12:19 PM

I've been researching different PayPal methods and I'm not 100% sure, but I think this is the way PayPal Express works. I don't think it is a bug or lack of features in CS-Cart. According to PayPal, during PayPal Express checkout they only edit and review billing and shipping info at PayPal and everything else is supposed to be handled by the shopping cart.

If you can find documentation stating otherwise, please let me know.

Hi jgaris,
Thanks for looking at it also. I'll just point you to read the following info:

Under "Configuring and Customizing the Express Checkout Experience" they recommend that you should add the details tax, etc. during checkout, and they say:

Not displaying this information is a major cause of shopping cart abandonment during checkout.

I agree with you that it is not a bug, but some functionality was left out on purpose from CS-CART. I recently received a quote for $180 for cs-cart to include that functionality. So, I'm still considering it, unless someone ease does it for the whole forum.

Let me know if you find out more. Regards!

In Topic: help with using product controller

07 April 2010 - 10:16 AM

Hi Scottemick,

Can you share the way you did it? I also have RMS and I'm interested in how to update products from RMS through webservices and also download orders.


In Topic: Review of www.webgraphiq.com

07 April 2010 - 10:03 AM

I asked Thomas to do a payment gateway integration. Worked perfectly and fast!!!


Thanks again!