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Seo Add-On; 301 Redirects; Batch Load ?

11 August 2021 - 04:25 PM

Hi all,


We have 1000s of redirects to implement in move from WP ---> CSC.


The OOB CS-C SEO add-on seems straightforward, well for adding one at a time anyway !


First up, is it fair to say that 301 redirects, using the CS-Cart SEO add-on, get added to

a .htaccess file in a similar way to a direct editing of said?


And finally, does anyone have a procedure / method for batch loading all those

redirects in one go ( using say a .csv )


I've had a look on forum / userguide but can't find zip.


Thanks for considering :-) ,




Testimonials Mystery Disappearing

10 June 2021 - 01:20 PM



Using  'PRODUCT_VERSION', '4.12.2.SP2' .


I migrated a batch of store testimonials by adding manually into devel store.


Recently all the testimonials that had been added have been wiped.





I added a new test testimonial and it observed that new entries get created

in the  `cscart_discussion_messages` ; `cscart_discussion_posts` ;`cscart_discussion`



So looks like the testimonials get added to the same tables as product reviews





Those product reviews though have remained intact, its just the testimonial

posts that are getting wiped.


Anyone have any idea what might be occurring here?





Filters Created From Categories

01 March 2021 - 01:07 PM



Say you have two categories A & B, that could be considered of equal 'status' because they're different ways of describing the same product with a different concept.


Maybe customers would choose 50/50 between these categories to initiate a product search.


Category A --> subcategories [ a1, a2, a3 ........ ]

Category B --> subcategories [ b1, b2, b3 ........ ]





If category A / ai is chosen by visitors then it's required that visitors can filter for bi

If category B / bi is chosen by visitors   "    ....         .....            ....        "   filter for ai


In other words the creation of category specific filters of another category





One way, I think, would work would be to 'mirror' these categories as feature-filters with

the extra admin overhead.


There are some mods out there that are described as 'Categories as filters' but they have a

different functionality.


Would anyone know of a custom mod that would automates this task?




if you got this far!


appreciate any advice,