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#340842 Cs-Cart And Multi-Vendor 4.13.2 Released

Posted by TES on 11 July 2021 - 11:46 AM

Hi,  We have upgraded BUT we have a major issue :   Seems there is no programming to allow for a BASIC ecommerce requirement :   RETURNS 


We are wasting a lot of money and time trying to figure out and get this error. 


There is a new error with the RMA module. like "No such charge: 'ch_1JBiV2Cd3NKOGNwFRVMv9B3v'"
IS there a Returns management built in CS Cart and if yes can anyone help to point that to us as our Tech is not able.  
This will really help us get our CS cart store launched as we have been struggling to get started for over 1 year. 
Thanks to anyone who can help in advance.  

#336680 Paypal Or Stripe Or ?

Posted by TES on 16 February 2021 - 09:42 PM

HI to All the people who take part in this forum.  Thanks for you input as we new folks can only appreciate the suggestions and help we get from you all. 


CS Cart multivendor is not as simple as it is mentioned to set up and has its own quirks.   We have bought it and want to see how far we can go to go live with this.  


Would any of you share 


A:  What is the best payment gateway 


B:  What fees are they charging?  


This I ask not just to demo my cheapness but to find a solution so we can charge our sellers maximum low commission on products sold.  


For example :   when a $10 product is sold ,  Paypal and Stripe want to charge 2.9% +.30 per transaction  


That is .29cents +.30 cents = .59cents so almost 6%   (This is incoming) .   


When we make a payout lets ignore the .30 since it will be done on a batch basis but the 2.9% applies. 


So if we are charging vendors 9% on sales,  we are spending 8.9% on paypal or stripe commission alone.  


Am I making sense?  


Hope my dilemma is see here...  



Any suggestions or if any of you are getting a better deal ,  share how to?   Will be appreciated. 





#336587 Friendly Vendor Pannel

Posted by TES on 12 February 2021 - 08:37 PM

CS Cart has talented and skilled technical staff to easily create a new vendor interface if they choose to.   Hope they will just do it and move forward.  


Only question is how can we request them to take us seriously.  


Most businesses use forums to learn about their customers likes and dislikes,  hope cs cart is doing the same. 


Until then we have to set up a whole department to help vendor onboard and stay there.  

#336440 Changing Our Marketplace Of Add-Ons And Themes

Posted by TES on 10 February 2021 - 01:50 AM

Honestly I wish I had read your comments and others before buying the license.  


Do you feel a year later things are any better with the 4.12.2 ?   


I am still having issues setting this up...  


Ebay, Walmart, Amazon, Tundra, Etsy, and all woo commerce ....  have made is so simple all on one page.   No nonsense Bulk Product updates,  


As admin, if I am confused not sure how we will be able to get vendors to join us ? 


If you have found some answers to this please share. 



REAL PAIN POINT CS Cart is far behind in user experience as compared to eBay etc when we talk about creations of Variations. For example, in CS cart, when we assign features and create Variations, then I'd we wish to change feature to another one and recreate Variantions, we can not do so because feature has been used in a feature group when we can not amend. The only way to do so is to clone and re-assign features. In ebay, on the other hand, it's so simple. You just click, check/un-check certain features/Variantions and you are able to create/re-create Variations. While we deal with large catalogues in multi vendor Marketplace, ITS A REAL OAIN POINT Sent from my LND-L29 using Tapatalk

#336429 Friendly Vendor Pannel

Posted by TES on 09 February 2021 - 09:18 PM

CS Cart,  are you guys reading this?     Has any of you even tried to set up a product?  or done a Bulk import Preset?  


We have spent a week trying to figure out how to create a preset form


I really hope you guys are reading this. 


Look at the terrible comments.  Do not blame the sellers,   I as a administrator cannot even set up a single product with variations properly and setting up a bulk preset is just ...........................................




Hi All,


Perhaps this will help prove your points. There have been multiple threads on the Etsy Forums regarding our new marketplace. Below are screenshots to some vendors who are complaining about using the CS-Cart (our) Vendor Admin Panel. Most of these vendors have cancelled being a seller on our platform because of the difficulty...which is lost revenue to us since we charge a subscription fee.


Below are 5 complaints on the Etsy Forums over the past week. If I took the time to get them all there's probably been 50 complaints over the past few months from sellers saying the CS-Cart Vendor Admin Panel is too difficult and confusing to use. (Of course, they refer to it as our admin panel)











#336428 Changing Our Marketplace Of Add-Ons And Themes

Posted by TES on 09 February 2021 - 09:09 PM

Hello, has anyone tried to use the BULK import ?


Setting up the preset ,  is making me giddy as a site owner,  how will I ever get a SELLER to fill that out ???  


Has anyone at CS Cart tested this from a seller standpoint ???  To set up products?   

Does anyone at CS cart even read these requests?  / Comments ? 

#336386 Friendly Vendor Pannel

Posted by TES on 09 February 2021 - 12:54 AM

They basically copied or took a lot from Etsy....and that is exactly I have been telling cs-cart, Etsy has spent years perfecting it do as they do and be done with it..but somehow I am unable to drive my point home and that is mostly because of other cs-cart owners don't chime in and some actually argue that no change needed!

How can we all get CS Cart's attention, its FEB 8, 2021 ,  not 2001,  look at Woo commerce promoting such great , colorful, simple admin panels easily accessible from front and back end.  They just have to see a free youtube presentation and as all of you are saying, its out there, no secret , just imitate and lets run with it.   


They can help some of us who are voicing our thoughts for the betterment for all of us as there is a need, and it will also help the owners of CS cart to sell more of their licenses,  we all benefit.   


I hope they read this.  

#336330 Why Cs Cart Lacks Of Good Looking (Modern) Themes

Posted by TES on 06 February 2021 - 12:58 PM

CS-Cart is realy one of the easiest platfroms out there to customize the look


You only need to work on the hooks system and css. you can literaly do what ever you want with it.

- Change buttons with icons

- change grid look with more data like descriptions, availabitliy, hover effects on butons and images

- multi size blocks for the first page with banners

- footer look with many rows and columns

- fullwidth blocks 



you have so many differnt menus at the moment so this is also not a problem anymore.


Banner sliders awith fullwudth is also no problem any more with so many third party addons


And after all with layout manager you are abel to cutomize the look of any page, even for a specific one. 


I think if you just invest a bit more time on default theme and work only with css you can realy have a very different result


Thats not an option for a novice user, but then again CS-Cart is not for novice eshopers. They go woocommerce or anyother free platfrom.


CS-Cart is a complete solution and you need to know your staff before you use it. If you are new in e-commerce you will not use more than 10% of its capabilities ending up complaining about the themes, when this is not a major factor.


Most of the major shop out there (see amazon for example) have a very simple almost plain design. 


Its the ease of use and navigation, that makes the difference. There is also another 25%  from banners and overall graphics. The rest is the theme,


I believe CS-Cart can continue with the advanced theme and layout manager, but give more tips on how to achieve niceandclean results.

Hi,  I agree with you that a Theme is basically just good pictures and can be improved.   The issue with CS cart is the back end where for multivendor the VENDOR SELLER is the most valuable asset.   No products no customers....  


Having said this , as we know the success is to have max sellers,  majority of the sellers around the world an US are basically small businesses and individual who do not have technical expertise nor Core PHP staff working for them.       The Product uploading is very convoluted the way it is now.  


YES even with the 4.12.2 version.   Granted at least there is a bulk preset now.    My project is on hold and I just cannot see how we can launch the site and solicit sellers when I myself do not feel easy loading and setting up products.   


Kindly share anything you can to help make this crucial journey as easy as possible. 

#336319 Why Is There No Developers Trying To Create A Add-On To Make Vendor Panel Int...

Posted by TES on 06 February 2021 - 12:45 AM


Evening all,


I am interested to know , why is there no developer trying to build an add-on to make the MV vendor panel looks more intuitive , more attractive -modern- etc ?

It escapes me , is there a specific  reason why no one concentrate on this ?


its so important in 2021 that vendors have a panel that is both intuitive and attractive. 

Sellers are getting younger and younger and are used to play with app and dashboard, that have lots of UX etc. 

Anyone under 30 years old will straight up refuse at the idea of joining the system . and be lost if they were to . which would cost lots of hours and money just to do customers service . 


There's a lot of competition coming up with marketplaces , people will always chose what is safe and easy to use. So we are straight up doom from the start. 


People use hubspot, chargebee , spotify, etsy , all this app are modern and intuitive to use. 


Aware cs cart has  made some change lately and its very handy 

But what we need ultimately is a change of skin asap .people ask for it since (as i see ) 2018 !


The green colour is also not friendly at all , at least just black and white would have done better 


So  if any developer could explain why they are not interested  in(or cannot) working on add-on to make all this better  that would be welcome 


At this stage it is something to really take seriously ,


Thank you 

I agree with you full heartedly.   I am trying so hard to stay using CS cart, but cannot even think of going LIVE without the vendor panel being simple to LOAD Products in single and in BULK. 


All the sales pitch claims they have all these features but now that I have bought it even bought a premium theme for $300+ ,  hired Full Stack PHP guy and spending a lot of funds.   


I just cannot see how , if I as owner of this site my self cannot load a single item but I can on 5 other marketplaces.  


I really hope someone at CS Cart see's this and does something (Just see youtube videos of how to for WOO Commerce marketplace.   

What is the answer here?   

#336097 Changing Our Marketplace Of Add-Ons And Themes

Posted by TES on 02 February 2021 - 04:09 AM

Maybe so, and we would appreciate your feedback (such as what you'd rather see done sooner) in other topics of the forum. This topic is for feedback about the Marketplace, and particularly about its categories and filters. It doesn't detriment the development of CS-Cart itself in any way.

Marketplace is important for ones who bought the license.   I have bought this 7 months ago,  but put it on shelf after wasting a lot of development $'s since the most critical issue of VENDOR uploading products was terrible.   Vendors do not have time to go load 1 items at a time or try to create own charts etc.      After much promised update,  we have revived the project ,  was almost going to buy a competitor framework.   Its still challenging to create a set preset,  I wish CS cart team would simply look at how the other major sites have their "Add New Products in Bulk,"  Update Inventory and Prices in Bulk,   Add Media easily in one preset form,     Variations etc etc .  all should be done in one form ..  Features and Variations also should be in that same CSV or XML not in different places.  


Why could they not just simply set the Add new products under PRODUCTS ?  why have to go fish it from some where else? 


This is with hope that CS cart will possibly involve the people who have bought the licenses and collectively we can help to make the work flow simple and easy.   Even the youtube videos are confusing.   Definitely not for a non technical person to use CS cart yet.   


What can we do to help get this fixed?   Not upset, just willing to work with CS cart team to make this simple.   

#336091 Vivashop - The #1 Selling Theme For Cs-Cart And Multi-Vendor

Posted by TES on 01 February 2021 - 11:37 PM

I already did subscribe, but you can just email me if you give me 20% discount now and I'll purchase it  :-)


Actually I bought the theme,  the Multivendor theme,   And they charged me for the full price.   


I bought this a few weeks ago in January 2021.  

#336089 Vivashop - The #1 Selling Theme For Cs-Cart And Multi-Vendor

Posted by TES on 01 February 2021 - 11:34 PM

ENERGO / VIVA,    All this is nice,  but you need to provide customer servicer with this.   How can we get in touch with you to get answers.  I bought the latest version.  But ZERO response form your technical support service .  



Dear all,


We'd like to inform you that we have just released VIVAshop Ultimate 3.1 compatible with the new CS-Cart 4.12.1, and VIVAshop Multi-Vendor 3.1 compatible with the new Multi-Vendor 4.12.1 


* * * * * * See all details HERE
* * * * * * See VIVAshop Ultimate 3.1 DEMO
* * * * * * See VIVAshop Multi-Vendor 3.1 DEMO



#336088 Vivashop - The #1 Selling Theme For Cs-Cart And Multi-Vendor

Posted by TES on 01 February 2021 - 11:30 PM



We have bought your multivendor,   


But absolutely disappointed in your customer service.  We have raised two tickets and not once has anyone from your company bothered to email us or answer those tickets. 


Quite surprising since you keep advertising as the best theme ,  



We need to know: 


How do you add fields to the VENDOR APPLY FORM ,  




Anyone in the forum have issues with VIVA service or know how to get them to give help?