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In Topic: We purchased CS-CART only to receive an legal threat

03 August 2009 - 03:18 PM


Thanks to all for your comments.

Our position in this situation is based on the CS-Cart Software License Agreement ( http://cs-cart.com/license.html ) which is accepted before purchasing the first license.

According to it, a CS-Cart license is issued for a domain. In the current case we can see 2 different CS-Cart-based stores with different design and functionality on 2 websites. Even if it is technically realized through one CS-Cart software installation, one of these domains does not have a license. This breaches Paragraph 1. LICENSE GRANT “This Software is licensed to be installed and used on only one domain. A valid license must be purchased for each domain on which the Software is installed and for each additional installation on the same domain.”

It is possible to have several domains which are redirected to one licensed domain. By redirection we mean the following: for example, your licensed domain is www.myshop.com and you have several additional domains e.g. www.mygoodshop.com and www.mygreatshop.com. When a visitor enters www.mygoodshop.com in his browser location bar, he/she is automatically taken to www.myshop.com (URL in the location bar is changed to this domain).

I hope this information will help you to understand the licensing policy of our company. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me in our Customer Help Desk or using the following e-mail: license@cs-cart.com

Thank you.

In Topic: We purchased CS-CART only to receive an legal threat

23 July 2009 - 12:45 PM

We've passed this to our lawyers.

It seems anyone with 1000 affiliates would be required to pay 1000 times for your software.

We operate one shop, one database, in one directory of installation.

Please forward us the legal contact at your company.

Thank you for your reply.

You can contact me, Andrew Nechaev, for all the questions concerning the license issue. I suggest that we should close this thread in the Community Forums and continue our communication regarding this problem in your Help Desk account.

Thank you.

In Topic: We purchased CS-CART only to receive an legal threat

23 July 2009 - 06:53 AM

It does not explain it at all.

We have ONE installation of CS-CART on one server, one ip, one install directory.

www.hulakula.org - wholesaler entrance
www.laadeedah.com - retail entrance

This is not one webstore. These are two separate installations (one for wholesalers and one for retailers).

The only difference is that some customers can login as a wholesaler to get lower prices. The same way in which different shipping locations have different prices. We added a field to the user database to let admins toggle some user accounts to wholesaler status. That is the only change. Both login to the exact same shop, the same single database, the same install directory, the same products, the same categories, the same checkout, the same billing/shipping, the same invoice numbers, the same layout, the same

Browse the footer of the entrance page, the categories, products etc.

The fact that you have one database for two webstores does not mean that you have one webstore. These are two different CS-Cart installations as they are different in design and functionality. Thus, they are not aliases.

So are your customers not allowed to modify the PHP code? Are we not allowed to add a field to the user table?

Our customers are allowed to modify the PHP code in their licensed CS-Cart installations. In your case, one the installations is unlicensed.

What if we setup a subdomain such as wholesale.laadeedah.com - to allow wholesalers to login to the same shop? Does this constitute a domain or a subdomain?

You need two separate licenses for two CS-Cart installations.

I would understand if we had shops offering different products, or two installations, or differences in products, but we do not.

Your websores are not identical. They are different regardless to the fact that the products are the same.

We have offered to let your tech staff to look at our server, with no response.

We know that your webstores are located on one server. BUT they are not aliases as their look-and-feel is different.

Thus, as I have already mentioned, we consider your webstores to be two separate CS-Cart installations. They have different design and different functionality and are not aliases. According to our rules, it is required to purchase an additional license for one of these installations. In case you consider our rules to be inadmissible, please, cease using CS-Cart (we will refund your money and disable your existing license). We rely on your understanding and hope that you will follow the CS-Cart License Agreement that you have accepted.

Thank you.

In Topic: We purchased CS-CART only to receive an legal threat

22 July 2009 - 02:08 PM


My name is Andrew Nechaev, I am the license manager with CS-Cart.

I would like to clarify the situation with the licenses for CS-Cart installations.

According to CS-Cart Software License Agreement one CS-Cart license grants the right to have one CS-Cart installation only on the licensed domain (website). One installation is a shop having the same look and feel and using the same database of products/customers/whatever. It means that our customers can have several URLs referring to the same shop, but they are not allowed to run more than one shop having one license. If a customer need to run several shops it is necessary to purchase appropriate number of licenses.

In the thread author's case is different. There are two webstores, which are installed on one server and have same products. BUT, these two websites differ in design and functionality. In other words, we can see two separate CS-Cart installations and only one license which is restricted by the CS-Cart Software License Agreement that all our customers accept before purchasing the initial license.

I hope this explains the situation.

Thank you.