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In Topic: Usps Dropping Support For Sslv3

15 March 2017 - 08:17 PM



You should make sure that CS-Cart 2.x core and necessary add-ons don't have hardcoded constants on curl_setopt calls, forcing to use SSLv3 instead of TLS 1.x. Also you should check the version of cURL PHP extension and how it was compiled with OpenSSL (what version of OpenSSL do you use?). Ask your hosting provider to check it for you.

Sorry for the late reply.  To date USPS is still working.

Well now you are getting beyond my knowledge.  Can you give me more explicit instruction on what to check.


David DeWitt

In Topic: Radiogroup Change Default

14 February 2017 - 02:58 PM

Well that switched the position of the answers in user profile fields, So the first was "No" .  But when I viewed user form admin side it was displayed the original way and the answer showed  "Yes".  So I'm guess I would have to change code in several places.


I decided to try just changing the position number in the user profile creation area. Hoping to that it would not change what it save in the DB. 

Yeah, it did just what I wanted.  So in the end it was much easier than I thought.



david DeWitt