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#342012 How To Translate Order Status Checkboxes On Orders Page?

Posted by yebnisekawe on 27 August 2021 - 01:28 PM

Administration -> Statuses -> Order statuses


You can translate status names there


Thanks eComLabs :)

#340086 Displaying Button On Checkout Page For Specific Products

Posted by yebnisekawe on 14 June 2021 - 11:59 AM



do you know how to display button or message on checkout page only when cart contain a product from specific vendor? 


many thanks :)

#338057 502 Error When Trying Access Product Option Combinations

Posted by yebnisekawe on 31 March 2021 - 07:52 AM

Ohh, I didn't know it.


Anyway it looks like it all back to normal after I raised support ticket with Simtech.


Thanks for your help :)

#336732 How To Properly Install My Own Theme Which Based On The Responsive Theme

Posted by yebnisekawe on 17 February 2021 - 07:47 PM

There is no way to export/import banners


You should check the following tables in database:


- banners

- banner_descriptions

- banner_images


and files here:





That sorted my problem, thanks for your help :)

#335945 Help! Sorting Out 2Nd Level Menu

Posted by yebnisekawe on 28 January 2021 - 09:35 AM

Thanks for you reply. 


I will try again to sorting this out.