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In Topic: How To Send A Newsletter To All Registered Users With No Orders?

03 February 2017 - 12:36 PM

Unfortunately, that would be considered spam if they have not opt-ed into the newsletter list.


Can provide a query that would return emails meeting your criteria, but there's nothing out of the box.


Strongly suggest you not send unsolicited emails to your customers, especially if you require that they register before/during purchase.


Users who have purchased from you.... Maybe (though it's a bad practice and tends to piss of customers).


Users who have not purchased and not opt-ed in would be a definite no-no.  Your site could get blacklisted if there were enough complaints.


Obviously customers who signup for your newsletter actually do want to hear from you.


My online store is not "for all" but is dedicated exclusively to my customers and is designed to avoid receiving phone calls for orders. But someone continues to call instead of using the site.
I am allowed to send e-mail without being considered spammer.

I'd like to add a new combo-box in the Newsletter's page like this:
- customers with almost one order
- customers without orders


Is it possibile?
Is there someone that would do this for me?
How much will cost this implementation?


Thanks in advance! :grin: