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In Topic: How to Sort by latest item?

06 August 2009 - 12:47 PM

First file : skins/yourskin_name/customer/product_pages/sorting.tpl

I added following group of codes.

<td>   </td>
<td nowrap="nowrap"><a class="sort-by-links{if $sort_by == 'timestamp'}-selected{/if}" href="{$url_prefix}{$curl}&sort_by=timestamp&sort_order={if $sort_by == 'timestamp'}{$sort_order}{else}asc{/if}{$url_suffix}">Date{if $sort_by == 'timestamp'}{if $sort_order == 'asc'}<img src="{$images_dir}/sort_desc.gif" width="13" height="7" border="0" alt="" />{else}<img src="{$images_dir}/sort_asc.gif" width="13" height="7" border="0" alt="" />{/if}{/if}</a></td>

another file:
Look for following code.
$sortings = array (
'code' => 'products.product_code',
'avail' => 'products.avail',

Then, I added like this.
$sortings = array (
'code' => 'products.product_code',
'avail' => 'products.avail',
'timestamp' => 'products.timestamp',
It worked for me.

Very good answer!!! thanks.

Same question is: How to make this the default sorting order? (by Date) ???
Please help to make it!

In Topic: Block IP

04 July 2009 - 08:08 AM

Hey everybody,

My situation is:
I live in city A, and i blocked nearly all the IPs from my city. (because we do not do local business, so we dont want local people to visit our site. )
then...i can not enter my site as well finally, (store front). I do not have a fix IP address from my office, the IP is a dynamic IP provided by local ISP provider.

so, my question is how can i enter my store front?
i know i can enter by using a proxy site, but that's not what i want.

If anybody know how to make it, please tell me how?
Thanks very much in advance.

In Topic: Cant access site.

26 June 2009 - 04:16 AM

I have the same problem!
and it's been 20 hours!:?

In Topic: Minimum Order mod for cs-cart 1.3.5 sp4 is done!

24 February 2009 - 01:11 PM

Hi Joe,

The MOQ mod works perfect! it is exactly same like the MOQ feature in the cs-cart 2.0 beta 3. thanks very much ! ;)

In Topic: Minimum Order mod for cs-cart 1.3.5 sp4 is done!

24 February 2009 - 07:00 AM

Hi Joe/All,

I found I forgot to "Enable inventory tracking" when testing....so sorry.
and after i enable it, the MOQ mod works fine! very good!

but i found a new problem, and i hope this is nothing to do with the MOQ mod:
when customer add new product to the cart, the products' quantity in the cart being updated fine (beside the cart picture (filled_cart_icon.gif) ), but when you click the "view cart" link, it goes inside to the cart, and there you find that the products' quantity did not updated there. (it is still the old cart before you adding new product into the cart--quantity not changed).

I hope my explanation is clear.

Anyone know what is going wrong with this?