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In Topic: Brief History/timeline Of Cs-Cart

21 March 2018 - 11:47 AM

As this is the history from the start of CS-Cart, would it be possible to get a mention of my business here and my name for some acknowledgment? Only I and my business at the time supplied CS-Cart the dedicated development server for a long period of time to help get it off the ground and running (of course we got a good few licenses with unlimited upgrading in return) but would be nice to have a mention as without my kind contribution of the development server CS-Cart would of not got the kickstart it got without it I guess :)


I don't any longer have the business now that supported the first development stages of this great software but maybe good a mention of my new business and my name.... of course no need, but never had a mention ever in release notes or credit for my kind contrinution in hardware etc... it actually cost me a lot more over the year that what got back in the 3 licences we ended up getting but that's not the point, oh plus I debugged issues when building the first version and helped a few times with bugs but anyway! I'm glad I did it as feel I helped in some way build this great software what it is today, just would be nice to have a mention especially after all these years!


If that is something CS-Cart would be kind enough in doing, pm me and were discuss. Wanted to speak with someone on something else, maybe a good mention or recommendation of my hosting business which is to go live summer this year, given i helped get you guys started would be nice to have a helpful hand back, after all these years :) maybe a special hosting promotion for cs-cart customers with a large exclusive discount on a hosting package built for cs-cart software hosting maybe?


anyway, would be nice to work together again :) look forward to hearing back from someone at cs-cart :)





Hello, James!


My name is Alexander, I am the head of CS-Cart sales team. Please check your Help Desk account, our Partner Relationship Specialist has already written a private message to you.


Thank you.