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New Fedex Api

24 June 2011 - 07:28 PM

I am in the middle of having CSCart support provide the new FedEX API for CSCart 1.3.5 SP4.
Has anyone implemented this and/or currently using the new FedEx API with 1.3.5 SP4?

CSSupport said in their details for implementation:

"I would like to note that 2 new settings will be added to the admin panel. These parameters are requested by the new FedEx API as authorization parameters. You will be able to get these ones by contacting FedEx."

You would think they'd at least tell me what these 2 new settings are and where I can find information on them?

So if anyone has already done this with the old version of CSCART, can you help me?
What are the 2 new settings?


Product Listing Sidebox

24 May 2011 - 09:13 PM

Because I'm only selling 6-7 products I would like to replace the Category sidebox with a Product sidebox, which has the same style as the Category sidebox.

I know you can create a Product Listing in Listmania but that only lists the links to the products without the "sidebox style". So Listmania doesn't work for what I need

I created a sidebox/products.tpl file and this is my code so far:
However it's not pulling in the products?

What am I missing?

{capture name="sidebox"}
{foreach from=$products item=product}
<li><a href="{$index_script}?{$target_name}=products&product_id={$product.product_id}">{$product.product}</a></li>

{include file="common_templates/sidebox.tpl" title=$lang.products content=$smarty.capture.sidebox icon="sidebox_icon_catalog.gif"}