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In Topic: New Fedex Api

27 June 2011 - 05:39 PM

Thanks Pavel,

I believe there is a difference between the testing api and production api, I did contact the FedEX developer support and they did supply me with the production API key and password. Sent to you via the Support system.

Thanks again.

Hello WebGuy,

These parameters are the following:

  • Authentication key
  • Authentication password

This is the info from the integration manual:

FedEx supplies a complete online operating environment with which to test your applications
against live FedEx servers. In order to execute test interactions, you must first include a test
account number, test meter number, authentication key, and password in your code. These
credentials are provided to registered developers.

You need to be registered to get these parameters.

Pavel Zyukin
CS-Cart Support team

In Topic: Product Listing Sidebox

02 June 2011 - 02:54 PM


I wonder who the other one is...

Anyway, I've just have too much invested in 1.3.5sp4 to move, maybe someday...but you know what they say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". :cool:

In Topic: Product Listing Sidebox

01 June 2011 - 11:27 PM

Ok for those of you still using 1.3.5SP4 Here is what I did:

Create a new products.tpl file in customer/sideboxes

with this code:
{capture name="sidebox"}
{foreach from=$menu_products item=product}
<li><a href="{$index_script}?{$target_name}=products&product_id={$product.product_id}">{$product.product}</a></li>

{include file="common_templates/sidebox.tpl" title=$lang.products content=$smarty.capture.sidebox icon="sidebox_icon_catalog.gif"}

next edit in include/common/customer_common.php
add this line of code:
include COMMON_DIR . 'products.php';

right under this line: include COMMON_DIR . 'topics.php';

next edit in include/common/products.php
(we're building the menu system for products here)
add this code right after: if ( !defined('IN_CSCART') ) { die('Access denied'); }

$menu_sortings = array (
	'code' => 'products.product_code',
	'avail' => 'products.avail',
	'product' => 'descr1.product',
	'position' => ($settings['General']['improved_product_search'] == 'Y') ? 'avail_products.position' : 'products_categories.position',
	'price' => 'prices.price',
	'list_price' => 'products.list_price',
	'weight' => 'products.weight',
	'amount' => 'products.amount'

$menu_directions = array (
	'asc' => 'asc',
	'desc' => 'desc'

$menu_sort_order = 'asc';

$menu_sort_by = 'product';
$menu_sorting = "ORDER BY " .$menu_sortings[$menu_sort_by]. " " .$menu_directions[$menu_sort_order];
$menu_fields = "products.product_id, descr1.product as product";
$menu_join = '';

$lang_code = !empty($lang_code) ? $lang_code : $cart_language;

$menu_join .= " LEFT JOIN $db_tables[product_descriptions] as descr1 ON descr1.product_id=products.product_id AND descr1.lang_code='$lang_code' ";
$menu_p_avails = array('Y');
$menu_c_avails = array('Y' , 'H');

$menu_avail_cond = (AREA == 'C') ? " AND $db_tables[categories].membership_id IN ('0', '$auth[membership_id]') AND $db_tables[categories].avail IN ('" . implode("','", $menu_c_avails) . "')" : '';

$menu_avail_cond .= (AREA == 'C' || defined('HTML_CATALOG')) ? " AND products.avail IN ('" . implode("','", $menu_p_avails) . "')" : '';
$menu_join .= "INNER JOIN $db_tables[products_categories] as products_categories ON products_categories.product_id=products.product_id INNER JOIN $db_tables[categories] ON $db_tables[categories].category_id=products_categories.category_id $menu_avail_cond";
$menu_products = db_get_array("SELECT $menu_fields FROM $db_tables[products] as products $menu_join GROUP BY products.product_id $menu_sorting");
$smarty->assign('menu_products', $menu_products);

Last go to your main.tpl and add this line to which ever side you'd like the product listings on:

{include file="side_boxes/products.tpl"}

Of course you'll have to adjust your style sheet if you want it to look different, and you can even make it look like your categories menu.

Hope this helps someone, but I think by now everyone is using the new version of CS-Cart, right? :rolleyes: