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Twig Versus Smarty Modifiers

19 May 2018 - 09:23 PM

This works:

{assign var="myvar" value=$plan->plan_id|ezvp_simple_plan_category_commissions}

in smarty but for twig, this

{% set myvar = ezvp_simple_plan_category_commissions(plan.plan_id) %}

fails with 

Fatal error: Uncaught Twig_Error_Syntax: Unknown "ezvp_simple_plan_category_commissions" function 

The function is defined in the func.php of an addon.
Anyone know why this is generating an error?


Update: if fails for standard functions too like fn_get_category_name(category_id).

Override Addon Mail Template

19 May 2018 - 05:58 PM

I've done this for other things, but not an addon template (that I can recall).

I'm trying to override the template file:


I'm using an override path of:



I've cleared the registry and template caches via &cc&ctpl but the override template is not being seen.


Anyone see where I'm astray?

Hooks For Category Picker

17 May 2018 - 06:16 PM

Please add the following hooks to the category picker files (and the appropriate overrides in the new admin responsive theme).


File: pickers/categories/picker.tpl

At approximately line 102, please add this hook following the <th>{__("name")}</th> cell:


{hook name="category_picker:manage_header"}{/hook}


And in file: pickers/categories/jt.tpl at approximately line 24 please add a hook to insert a cell as in:

        {hook name="category_picker:manage_data"}{/hook}
        <td width="5%" class="nowrap">
        {if !$view_only || $show_only_name}

New Addon: Ez Checkout Charities

01 May 2018 - 09:02 PM

We now offer even more charity donation options for you and your customers....
Our newest charity donation addon (EZ Checkout Charities) allows your customers to choose how much THEY want to donate to one of the charities you support.  Our prior EZ Charities addon lets you determine how much YOU want to donate to charities that your customers select from as a percentage of the order amount.
The EZ Checkout Charities addon presents your customers with a simple selection during checkout.  They can choose which charity to donate to and either select from a set of pre-defined amounts (addon setting) or to round-up to the next whole amount or enter an alternative amount.  Simple button clicks add/remove charity donations to the order.
The admin interface allows you to track donations so you can periodically pay the charities and track those payments too.
A tracking list looks like:
You can combine the two charity addons so that everyone has skin in the game.  You contribute and so can your customers.
To purchase, you can go to the addon details page here: https://ez-ms.com/ch...-charities.html
You can review in the marketplace at: https://marketplace....-charities.html
And documentation can be read at: https://ez-ms.com/docs/coch.pdf

Ez Auto Mailer - New Release, New Features

03 April 2018 - 05:09 PM

We are pleased to announce some awsome new featuers and improvements to our EZ Auto Mailer addon.
We have added support for:
- abandoned carts
- added optional unsubscribe capabilities
- added a template previewer that is separate from the queued email previewer
- added support for on-site reviews of all products and site testimonials on a single page
- added logos and company info to the header of each template.
- fixed several small defects
Abandoned carts are now supported and you can define the time of inactivity within each event.  You can then send a different template based on how long the cart has been abandoned. 
When you run the queue (automatically from cron or on login or manually) any events setup for abandoned carts are processed; and any triggered Abandoned Cart events are sent immediately.  Abandoned carts can have separate templates for different times (different events).  I.e. you can have a basic template setup for 4hrs of inactivity and a different one (maybe offering a discount) for carts that are more than 1 day old.  One email will be sent per time period and will not repeat or be duplicated.
We now support unsubscribe.  An opt-out can optionally be provided in the user's profile as well as the checkout page.  You can also optionally determine whether to include an unsubscribe link in the emails (default is to include).  When an unsubscribe link is clicked in an email, the customer is taken to a page on the site where they confirm that they want to unsubscribe.  If they are already unsubscribed, they can resubscribe via the same link.
A new on-site review template has a single star-rating that will take the customer to your site and will become the default rating for any products or testimonial being submitted.  The customer can rate all products they purchased where discussions are active as well as add a testimonial (if testimonials are active).  Each product/testimonial can have a separate rating and a separate message.  We have deprecated the old form-based review template since many email clients didn't handle it properly.
Distributed templates now include company logos and contact info in the headers.
All templates can be previewed from the manage page if there are any items queued or sent of that event type.
We think these are significant improvements to our most popular addon.
As usual, existing customers will be updated automatically in the next couple of days.  If you want to upgrade immediately, simply use the ?dispatch=auto_mail.upgrade.force admin URI and it will apply the new changes.  The new version number is 4.7.53.  The addon is compatible with all V4 releases.
Just a quick reminder...  If you have modified the distributed templates and want to preserve your changes, please copy them to new names and change your event details to use the new names.  Otherwise the distributed templates will be overwritten with the upgrade.
We have rewritten the documentation.  It is located at: https://ez-ms.com/docs/auto_mail.pdf
The documentation contains several screenshots which will help you see how this addon is structured and how configurable it is.
If you're new to our EZ Auto Mailer product, the product detail page is located here: https://ez-ms.com/auto-mail.html
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.