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Master Products Addon Integration

22 February 2021 - 07:03 PM

Has anyone integrated their addon with the relatively new master_products addon in MVE?

I would like to include selected custom fields from an addon (have been added to ?:products) in the vendor available fields and also to have the Addons tab show with the data related to those custom fields.


I'm guessing that I need to add product fields via schemas/master_products/product_data.synch.post.php in my addon.  I.e. something like:


$existing_fields = Type::create(PRODUCT_TYPE_VENDOR_PRODUCT_OFFER)->getFields();

$schema = [
    'products'                      => MainTable::create('products', 'my_field_name', $existing_fields)];
return $schema;



Will this in fact create a vendor-specific instance of 'my_field_name' that is unique per vendor?


Or given the master_products seems to be built upon product_variations are symbiotic can it just be done for both product_variations and master_products by using the schemas/product_variations/product_types.post.php schema instead?  I.e. kill both birds with one stone?

Move A Product Between Companies In Mve

17 February 2021 - 05:56 PM

I'm trying to do an "product and inventory transfer" within MVE.  The Warehouse addon is installed.  What I do effectively is to clone the product in the originating company via fn_clone_product($original_product_id), then adjust some things like amount=0, product, seo-name, etc. and set the company_Id to the new company and do an fn_update_product($new_product_id).


After that, I do a fn_adjust_product_amount() to increase the product quantity by an amount.  But since this product_id is tied to a warehouse in the old company, it is failing and causing an stopage of the php processing due to an undefined warehouse.


So my question is, what do I need to do to "detach" the cloned product from the warehouse in the original company, then after I change the company_id, attach it to the first warehouse in the new company before calling fn_adjust_product_amount().  So seems I need 2 functions:


But the Warehouse addon is not documented and digging through the layers of classes to figure it out would take me days.  So hoping someone has some experience with it.  I know cs-cart won't help me.


This is the B2B side of an MVE site so when other sellers purchase from sellers on the platform, we want to offer a "transfer" of the product and the purchased quantity to the new store.

Importing Product Data For Custom Column

28 January 2021 - 02:24 AM

I have some data that I am importing/exporting via CSV.
I have the following scheme in products.post.php

$schema['export_fields'][__("ez_wo_adjustments")] = array(
  'process_put' => array ('ez_wo_exim_import_adjustments', '#key', '#row', '#new'),
  'process_get' => array('ez_wo_exim_export_adjustments', '#this'),
  'return_result' => true

The ez_wo_exim_import_adjsutments() takes string data, parses it and then returns a serialized array that I expect to be stored in the ez_wo_adjustments field in the products table.
However, it is storing the string value from the import file.

I've verified that fn_import() is correctly seeing the data in this statement (I.e. $result has the proper value)

 $import_data[$k][$lang][$group['return_field']] = $result;

I'm kind of stumped on why it's not storing the serialized array().

Anyone with a clue?

Friendly Heads Up

16 January 2021 - 08:47 PM

Over the next couple of weeks we will be doing some administrative maintenance to our addons. There will be no functional changes and will mostly impact new addon installation versus currently installed addons.  But new versions will be distributed.


We will be upgrading our addon.xml to Scheme 3.0 so that we can support the '<supplier>' tag which will enable the Manage Addons list will show EZ Merchant Solutions.


We are also updating our copyright notices in the source files to indicate 2021.


So when you notice our addons automatically updating, these are the maintenance activities we're performing.

Addon: Ez Hide Vendor Fields

12 November 2020 - 02:16 AM

Easy to use addon that allows you to pick what Vendor Admin Menus, Tabs and fields to hide from Vendor view.  You can also modify customer email addresses on emails to vendors and replace vendor email addresses on emails to customers.


This addon is for MVE only.

Purchase site: https://ez-ms.com/ez...dor-fields.html

Marketplace: https://marketplace....dor-fields.html

Documentation: https://ez-ms.com/ez_vendor_fields.pdf


A few screenshots for the visually oriented