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In Topic: Email Setup

Today, 07:18 PM

Generally a "connect() failed" message would be caused by either the hostname of the SMTP server or the Port number being bad.

In Topic: Simple Stock Movement Overview

Today, 07:13 PM

Drop a note via the link in my signature.  We can provide you an addon that will retain all stock change history and give you a setting to identify the number of days you want to show history for.  I.e.

Setting: show 14 days of stock history
Previous balance: 18
10/1/19: Add: 6 (24)
10/6/19: Sell 2 (22)
10/10/19: Add 4 (26)
10/14/19: Add 3 (29)


This would show on the admin product details page under the "In stock" line.

In Topic: Looking For Quality Developers To Help With Multi Vendor Store Setup

Today, 07:07 PM

Feel free to contact us via the link in my signature.  Some of what you need seems to be standard settings but others require some degree of customization. Since most of it is on the backend, the changes should be much more stable as they relate to future upgrades, espcially if you're using a custom theme.

In Topic: Problem With Admin Login

19 October 2019 - 07:34 PM

clear your cache.

What change occurred on your server that caused this?  PHP update? Cpanel update? New SSL certificate?

In Topic: How To Import And Use An Existing Class From A Different Addon In My Addon?

19 October 2019 - 07:33 PM

I would do something like:

if( !class_exists('Class1') )