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Issues I've Posted

    404 on addon access

    Posted 15 May 2013

    The attached archive contains a very small addon that should die/print the filename of the controller when installed and accessed via:

    But instead generates a 404.

    Hook for get_skin_path_pre

    Posted 10 May 2013

    Uses an argument named $cache but it is not defined. I'm assuming you reall want this parameter to be $skin_names

    V4: addon mail directory installation?

    Posted 10 May 2013

    In reviewing the code, it does not appear that the fn_install_addon_templates() function installs an addon's mail templates into the design/frontend/mail/addons/ directory.

    I must be missing something becasue I can see where other addons have their templates installed. Shouldn't the code indluce something like:
     if (is_dir($repo_dir . 'mail/addons/' . $addon_name)) {
    	   fn_copy($repo_dir . 'mail/addons/' . $addon_name, $design_dir . $skin_name . '/mail/addons/' . $addon_name);

    If I look at the skins respository for the gift_certficates addon I don't see any 'mail' directory even though it does have mail components.

    I would expect there to be a
    directory structure to support addons that have mail components.

    Don't like that you have all the addon files scattered all over the place. They should all be within a single addon tree.

    Please advise.