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Items dependent shipping not working!

19 November 2009 - 08:16 PM

We are dealing with a very difficult customer who does not want to have any shipping charges calculated with UPS or any other carrier. They want the following item dependent charges only:

0-500 $12.50
1001 and over-$25.00

However, once we add this to the custom shipping charge we are getting additional shipping charges. When we add one product to the cart the shipping cost is $28.00. However, when we add a different product, the shipping cost is $68.00.

I have checked the knowledge base and have set it up exactly, but am still having these strange additional charges. Is there something else that calculates charges that can be turned off? I see Rate Calculation can be set to manual or realtime, but our client wants it to be completely turned off.

Attached is a screen shot of the Items dependences section of the shipping method.

CS-Cart Version: 1.3.5 SP2

Malicious Files

15 December 2008 - 04:30 PM

We were having major issues on a site hosted at Hostgator using an older version of the store (1.3.2) where malicious files were being put into the cs-cart folder causing trojan viruses.

We recently upgraded the cart to the latest version (1.3.5 sp4), but are still having issues where files are being uploaded into the cart folder. I have checked all of the permissions and matched them using this post.

We have changed the password on the account, but still having problems. Any ideas how to get this fixed?