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In Topic: Store Manager broke my webstore. PLease, need urgent help.

11 December 2008 - 06:45 PM

This same thing happened to us when we were performing an upgrade. We have restored from the host company back up but are getting the addon.php error on line 40 as stated in this thread. It appears that the db has the structure of 1.3.4SP2 but the code is for 1.3.4SP3. Does anyone know of an area that will provide the number of tables and/or structures of the tables required in either version? Also, when we try to download the 1.3.4SP2 to 1.3.4SP3 upgrade it states that it is corrupt. I believe if we run the upgrade process against the database it will work and get us back on track. I'm open to any suggestions before we end up in court with this store owner! :roll: