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#138537 eBay integration

Posted by Lazy on 12 June 2012 - 01:41 PM

Consultant knows the score , we have similar projects we have custom built for clients regarding export all order details. CS Cart suck badly over this and as much as I hate magento and m2epro looks like we will have to leave CS Cart as well, for anyone commenting on this thread saying oh it isnt that important I would just like to say F**K OFF and comment somewhere else.

CS Cart team started this thread and now are to ignorant to even bother to post a reply, let users know you dont give a shit about eBay integration and then they can make an informed choice. Dont keep paying users waiting on a promise and then do nothing.

#137218 eBay integration

Posted by Lazy on 24 May 2012 - 10:46 AM

I think this all boils down to economics. The demand is here but buyers and sellers don't agree on the terms (and hence no add-on has been developed). The consensus I've gathered here is that the CS-Cart community wants an eBay add-on at a one-time price, with no monthly or long-term financial commitment to the project. Well guess what? Maintaining an ongoing, reliable connection with the eBay API is not that simple! It's a massive project to undertake for any developer, and it would be foolish to develop this add-on without some form of long-term commitment from the CS-Cart community.

Personally, I've decided to move forward with ExportYourStore.com. It's going to cost a fair amount upfront for what I need, and they will earn a recurring monthly fee out of me. However, the reality is I cant afford not to do business on eBay. Multichannel ecommerce is a reality and my competition has already beat me to it.

Quite honestly, when you look at the value of ExportYourStore vs. something even more outrageous like ChannelAdvisor, then it's a no-brainer.

I would rather pay an ongoing fee for something stable vs. an add-on that has the potential to break 6 months down the road and seriously impact my sales. Furthermore, who cares about the monthly fee (it's not that out of line). If you're a relatively successful business, the ROI should justify itself quite easily.

Just my two cents...


"Maintaining an ongoing, reliable connection with the eBay API is not that simple! It's a massive project to undertake for any developer" :)

Spot on someone who understands clearly the importance of marketplaces to there existing business, 24th of April another Google wobble (sorry update) we have sailed though the all the recent updates but who knows what google has planned next time.

Eggs in baskets comes to mind.

this module for us is the last part of the puzzle I wouldn't to care to much if they never added any more features after the delivery of this one. I mean for several of our clients , yes some of them pay for channel advisor WOW expensive, these clients wont touch CS Cart with a 10 foot crappy stick as it wont integrate to multi channel, as one very large client stated, " Cart like that are going to be come less and less relevant, we are looking at magento"

OK its all been said now but i wil hammer it home again

Businesses ( successful ones) need to using multi channel
Carts that cater to more channels are more successful (CS Cart owners, admins your $$$$$) and they get more exposure, think of adding the post to eBay with CS Cart Link on every page, = how many new sales per month NO BRAINER
Magento piece of shit posts to eBay in a fashion
Build it as a paid add on with a yearly fee, people WILL PAY
Stop promising stuff you have no intention of delivering and then maybe a third party developer will step in and build it instead, however with the project marked as "PLANNED" only the very foolish would develop a solution and go up against the cart owners, own module.

LAST POINT , I seen it stated it not for the masses or not the majority of cart owners would not want this one.

"Over 25,000 online shops are powered by CS-Cart shopping cart software" Thats on the home page, lets say only 1 % are actual successful businesses. That are already doing multi channel or want to do,have the capacity to do.

Thats still 250 businesses that would , buy,use,need this mod, I am guessing it more likely + 10% though that have bothered to A set and run B successful online business that would want more sales that 2500 sales , purchases, yearly fees.

WAKE UP MULTI CHANNEL IS HERE TO STAY, Having a way to reduce time to list items across multiple channels delivers ROI simples.