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Frontend: "the Ip Was Blocked After 10 Unsuccessful Logins"

03 April 2020 - 01:38 AM

Today I started getting this error when trying to view my site (blank page that just says that).  Closing my browser fixes the issue and sometimes if I wait even just refreshing the page fixes the issue.  But it keeps coming back over and over.  I should note that this is not happening in the admin area...just when viewing my site.  All the reading I seen seems to be directed to fixing if you see this trying to log into the admin area.  Not sure what would cause this to start happening today or what the fix would be?  Hopefully customers aren't seeing this warning.

Increased Number Of Spam Customer Reviews

11 March 2020 - 04:02 AM

I have been getting more and more customer reviews that are spam.  Used to be a few a week but now it is several a day.  I have in the image verification settings that "comments and review forms" is checked.  I am using a reCaptcha add-on from eCom Labs to make things easier for my customers.  Curious to know how these are still getting through.