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Forcing Customers To Choose Location At Checkout

16 February 2022 - 10:29 PM

I'm trying to figure out the best way to do what I want.  I am running a PayPal add-on (PayPal SDK from CS-commerce) that allows customers to skip the checkout process and essentially do most of it through PayPal.  The problem I am having is many international customers do not choose their location before hitting the PayPal button.  This allows them to select default U.S. shipping options because I have United States as default since 95% of my customers are U.S. based.  The developer suggested two solutions but neither really work due to a few issues:

  1. Geolocation sounded like the best option so I enabled it but it doesn't really do anything.  Customer can click on a link to map where they are but doesn't automatically change the country to where they are.  Not sure if that is an option and/or just isn't working on my site?
  2. Option 2 is force the customer to have to select their country.  The issue I have with this is United States is way down the list and since most of my customers are from the U.S. I'd like to avoid having to have them scroll way down the list to select their country.  I thought maybe I can somehow move the U.S. to the top of the list (is it possible?) but even then, there is a but within CS where it won't let you choose the default first country listed unless you select another country first.

Possible solutions:

  1. So am I doing something wrong with the geolocation to make it automatically guess where the customer is and put that in for their country?  Or does it not work that way?
  2. Would it be possible to have U.S. towards the top of the country list?  And add a "fake country" at the top called something like "Choose your country" so the customer is forced to choose their country?

Open to suggestion on how to achieve this or if there is an add-on that simplifies this during checkout.

Quantity +/- Buttons Odd On Iphone

19 August 2021 - 02:45 AM

So I've played around with making the quantity field a little larger (would like it to support 4-5 characters) but on my iPhone it looks all wonky (see attached).  It happens in Safari and Chrome.  Doesn't matter if in portrait or landscape mode.  The funny thing is on any mobile phone emulators it looks just fine so not sure how to track down what is causing the issue or how to fix it.  Example product: https://fastdecals.c...al-sticker.html

Many Customers Leave Their Default State As Aa During Checkout

19 May 2021 - 03:06 AM

Before upgrading the cart I never really had a problem but I have several customers per week now just leave the default state as "AA" and don't actually choose the state they live in.  Now when printing postage we use address verification software so it isn't a huge deal except sometimes we are shipping without know what state it is going to until the label prints.  I am guessing it stems from customers using autocomplete/autofill software that doesn't acknowledge the state field on the checkout form (I have addressed this issue at https://forum.cs-car...y/?fromsearch=1 and also filled out a bug report but no one seems to care).  So is anyone else having the issue or have a solution?  I currently am running the default checkout layout where the city and state are at the top above shipping options and away from the rest of the address.  I do kind of like this layout since customer can choose their shipping option before putting in all their information but wonder if that is the problem.

Bold Product Comments (Text Area)

12 May 2021 - 04:25 AM

Is there a way to make any comments a customer puts in the text area (on the product page) bold or easier not to be overlook?  Occasionally customers put something in the text area we have on each product page but every so often it gets overlooked since it blends it so well with the option variants.  Just wondering if there is a way to make this easier to see.

Email Font Color For Options?

20 April 2021 - 08:17 PM

I notice that when a paid order email is sent the options for the product is shown in a gray on a white background which makes it hard to read.  It looks like order date, payment and shipping method may be the same color as they aren't 100% black either.  PDF attached to the email is the same.  How do I fix that to be just black like the rest of the email?  Not sure where that CSS is coming from.