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#346288 How To Setup A Review Request With A Link?

Posted by EJP2020 on 21 February 2022 - 06:05 PM

Getting a link to the actual review page for specific products is a problem because it's a popup and not a defined URL. We use RetailFactory's add-on described above and it works great at directing to the correct product page - added a little extra to the template highlighting where the "write a review" button is. 

#344607 Live Help/chat

Posted by EJP2020 on 15 December 2021 - 10:55 AM

You can copy the code from tawk.to and add it to a block on the default layout tab in design->layouts->layouts. I think it's a HTML Block (or HTML with SMARTY). 

#342992 Cs-Cart And Multi-Vendor 4.13.3 Released

Posted by EJP2020 on 07 October 2021 - 08:43 AM

Already past 1 week, I still can't see the upgrade. is that normal?


I really want to hear from store owners/cs-cart admins. Thanks!


This is normal. And not a problem, let's let other people find issues in the upgrade before it's rolled out to us.  :-)