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In Topic: Meet Cs-Cart And Multi-Vendor 4.10.4 With Strong Customer Authentication And...

12 October 2019 - 08:34 AM

Yep, I am after upgrading my store also, only thing that sets me back is this ugly checkout. Tested it few times myself and its too messy also not so configurable as it supposed to have been..



After all the critics you find on this topic regarding the CS CART lite check out, there's nobody that is cheering, are you guys going to modify the thing? 


Months have passed, nothing has happened, I am considering finding a different software, to many abandoned carts after this modification, and whatever I do nothing will improve this fact. 


I want a normal standard state of the art check out like all other proven webshops that are out there, without some ugly black ulcer overlay that scares people away.  



Is it possible to give the option to have the old checkout back? And if so, is it then possible to use an add on like the one made by CS CART Rocks to create a one step check out? 

In Topic: Comments And Reviews - How To Enable Rating Without Review

09 October 2019 - 05:37 AM

I have checked this, in case you remove cm-required and post just stars as review, reviews for that product no longer opens..


I would really also like to have stars on product page were customers could simply rate product by stars without writing their names or other details

In Topic: Admin Backend Store Select

08 October 2019 - 05:13 AM

OK thanks

In Topic: Google Search Console Warnings

03 October 2019 - 05:16 AM

Does this addon covers all I mentioned in first post?


These notices are warnings, not errors


But if you want to closed them, pay attention to our module



In Topic: Google Search Console Warnings

02 October 2019 - 11:30 AM

Checked marketplace briefly, but did not found one solution that would cover all missing fields.. Also when searching forum

for same problem, found one of your posts, so its strange nobody speaks about it.


I am feeling a drop of visitors..



I have been getting some of these warnings for a long time. 


Maybe there is already an add-on for this...