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Payment Amount Doesn't Match Price (After Checkout)

09 February 2021 - 08:13 PM

I am trying to set up my payment gateway.


I have set up Stripe, and made a successful transaction on stripe, and it can see it went through in the Stripe testing data. However, there is a BIG problem...


The test item I 'purchased' with the test card was CHF 50.00, and the amount that showed up on the stripe dashboard was CHF 0.50


I then switched to live mode (with my live Stripe SK) and tested the googlepay with a real account. Same thing, the value of the transaction shows as CHF 0.50 


On the my cs-cart backend dashboard, the value shows as CHF 50.00


I assume there is some sort of decimal error happening somewhere, but I have no idea where to look. 


Any ideas?



:confused:  :confused:

Add Vendor Profile To Product Page?

18 January 2021 - 10:43 PM

I am trying to add a block to each product which provides details about the vendor of that specific product. This functionality was one of the reasons I bought the software.


For example, one of the webshops used by CS-Cart as an example on their own page is Yumbles: Keto Paleo Original Bread - Yumbles.com . 


They have this as a block with the title 'Meet your maker' which has:


- A background image

- A profile picture

- A description of the business 

- Two other products plus a link to all products by this vendor


I have tried adding the 'vendor information' block but all it does is add the name of the vendor. 


How do I do this? 

Help Fixing Alignment Of Search, Cart And Banners Please

18 January 2021 - 08:31 PM

I am trying to fix all the little pieces that don't align.  


For example:


- The search box is not vertically aligned with the cart, even though they are in the same grid

- The search bar and the cart have no space between them in the mobile view

- The three large banners don't resize properly when viewing on a tablet and aren't aligned

- The social icons are all crammed together and the text runs into the next icon


See the website here: Good furniture (moebelk.ch)


I've searched the forums and read the documentation, and I think that I probably need to change the padding in a css file somewhere, but I just can't figure it out. I've come over to cs-cart from Shopify so I am on a really steep learning curve here. 


Any help would be appreciated.