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#55054 Products in Data Grid - Product Pages Eliminated

Posted by dustundag on 22 August 2009 - 09:52 AM

Yes, what you are looking forward is not something so special although not a standard setup. You display modification limits you to your all products.
In the virtue mart, this arrangement for each product much better managed by "product display options" (product features can set up horizantally with header) .
Virtuemart product display options are as follows and why not for cs-cart as well
Display options
Override Child products Display Values and use parents
Display Child Description
Child Description Width
Child Attribute Width
Child Class Suffix
Use List box for child
One Add to Cart Button
Add to Cart Button for each Child
Add to Cart Button for each Child
Link to child product from list
Include Product Type With Child
Standard Quantity Box
Hide Quantity Box
Use Dropdown Box
Use Check Box
Use Radio Box