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Authorize.net Help.....

04 June 2010 - 04:32 PM

Ok I have used all my Credits with CS and they still have not fixed this and I am at a loss. So any info would be appreciated

CS 1.35.sp4

2 things here 1st using merchantplus and I was using there gateway "navigate" When I would process an order in test mode I would get the error in the screen shot image, but the transaction would process through and post in my merchant account. We messed with it for a while and they said I guess were not compatible with CS cart and we set up authorize.net

Changed the "Post" account to what authorize.net said to use and what the guys at CS-Cart said with the (344 I think that was the number) With the same results. I get the same error in the screen shot, but I get no communication with Authorize.net Nothing comes from my store.

I have tried live mode, test mode, I have regenerated my keys in both modes deleting the old. We tried test code from the browser and the user id and transaction code are correct and work. Just CS cart seems to be not sending the info. This is going on for 2 days and I need this back up and running. Any help would be greatly apprecitaed

Cron script need help installing

10 February 2010 - 03:52 AM

I had the guys build me an inventory cron that updates my webstores inventory but cant seem to get it to work. If anybody can help it would be appreciated.