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#124454 Image Thumbnails in order details page

Posted by umera on 24 October 2011 - 06:59 PM

Finally...I managed to do it.

Ok here is a step by step for anyone interested.

Always make sure you have a copy of your original files before messing around with the code.

First copy the file images.tpl which is in the following location:


Rename it to whatever you want... I called it orderdetails_image.tpl

Then Place this new copied file into the following location:


Note: make sure you have renamed it as you do not want to overwrite the existing original images.tpl in the folder

Next open details.tpl which is in the following location:


At around line 184 or 185 you will see

before that line insert this

so it will look like this :

Next go to the code which is around line 200 or 201, that says
{foreach from=$order_info.items item="oi" key="key"}
	{hook name="orders:items_list_row"}
	{if !$oi.extra.parent}
	<tr {cycle values="class=\"table-row\", " name="class_cycle"}>

And just after that, insert the following code:
    {assign var=im_pair value=$oi.product_id|fn_get_image_pairs:'product':'M'}
    {if $im_pair}{include file="common_templates/orderdetails_image.tpl" images=$im_pair object_type="product" image_width=50}{/if}

Save your file and you know have image thumbnails in the order details page.

You can change the image size to whatever suits you, I kept mine at 50

Tested in v 2.2.2

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