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In Topic: Siteground hosting is a disaster!

22 October 2012 - 03:03 PM

Hello Albert,

We are very sorry to hear that you have experienced issues with SiteGround VPS hosting. Your case has been investigated and personally addressed by our Chief Technical Officer. You can see the details in a ticket in your SiteGround user area.

In short: last weekend there has really been a hardware failure on a VPS node that has affected you and several other customers. This issue has been worked on by our team in cooperation with the data center technicians and is already fixed. Additionally, we have investigated again all your specific issues reported before that failure. To address the occasional high load caused by slow MySQL queries we could recompile your PHP with DSO and can provide higher VPS solution. Both resolutions will be provided free of charge as a compensation for the problems you have been through.

We hope that you will review your ticket for full details and will approve the proposed plan of action for performance improvement.

Best Regards,
The SiteGround Team

In Topic: SiteGround - My Worst Experience. Do not use them!

07 June 2012 - 10:43 AM

Dear Joan,

As much as I understand your frustration, I really need to reply to your post publicly, because I feel it does not represent SiteGround company policies in a correct manner.

  • The first whole year of web hosting for CS Cart users is completely free of charge as part of a partnership between SiteGround and CS Cart. I believe that your account too has taken advantage of that promotional offer, so actually you have used our hosting service for 12 months completely free of charge.

  • It is true that we auto renew our hosting accounts. The reason behind this practice is that we want to prevent downtime due to forgotten renewal payments. However, before we do any charge for the next hosting period we sent at least 3 renewal reminder emails, where we inform the customers that the account will be auto-renewed and we explain how the account can be canceled before a renewal charge is made.
In your particular case the account has not been canceled and you have not contacted us before the renewal date, regardless of the three email notifications. However, we still appreciate your position and we have waived away part of the late cancellation fee that is due in similar situations.

Best regards,

Lilyana Yakimova
Marketing Director