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09 February 2008 - 03:45 PM

the public_html protected with a password etc

I don't understand, is this a folder on your server? I don't have a folder called public_html. My site is hosted by Gisol.com on linux with Hsphere control panel. The site is at the root of a subdomain, which has a domain alias equal to my site. I have never been able to figure out why the checkbox thing doesn't work, so I resorted to editing the database and forcing it to be secure:

UPDATE `cscart`.`cscart_settings` SET `value` = 'Y' WHERE `cscart_settings`.`option_id` =10003 LIMIT 1 ;

UPDATE `cscart`.`cscart_settings` SET `value` = 'Y' WHERE `cscart_settings`.`option_id` =10004 LIMIT 1 ;

UPDATE `cscart`.`cscart_settings` SET `value` = 'Y' WHERE `cscart_settings`.`option_id` =7147 LIMIT 1 ;

In Topic: Cannot upgrade or restore with Store Manager

07 February 2008 - 10:00 PM

Got help from CS support. They gave me an update to the Store Manager and after a couple tries it got pass the '.htaccess' stall. However, it still couldn't finish the job. It continued to generate all of the files needed for the upgrade (including merging of the upgrade with my old files). Then it tried to upload the files back to my server via FTP. However it was really slow and ended up stalling out 15 or 20 times before I gave up and uploaded the files via WS-FTP. Then I updated the Store Manager's action script to trick it into knowing that the upload was completed (find the action script, open it for editing in text editor, then change 0's to 1's for all upload entries). Then it ran its final scripts. However it got to the final 5% of the upgrade, where it deletes files from the /backup folder on the server, and was unable to finish. However I noticed that my store was up and running so I just closed the application and considered it done.