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Final Sale And On Sale

Posted by mokeshop on 05 April 2015 - 01:14 PM

i tried to display products with discount on final sale page... but nothing showing on 4.3.1 rc

final sale and on sale are showing only when list price is defined not showing products from promotion where the same rule is applied (40% discount example) like set on the bestsellers addon

Thank you for the message.

Sorry for the delay in answering.

Please let me explain.

Selecting products for the Final sale and On sale pages is only performed by the List price field; promotions are not taken into consideration in this case.
We implemented this restriction intentionally because:
Promotions is a complex and flexible system that allows to create different conditions and discounts.
And if you we involve this system in selecting and sorting products, the speed of its operation will decrease by several times.
For example, sorting 1,000 products by means of MySQL will take 0.01 seconds, but if we include all promotions, it will take 10 seconds.

At the moment we are working on an optimal solution to this issue which will not do any damage for productivity and it may be implemented in one of the future versions.

Thank you.

Then this is more optimal solution. Thank you for clarification.

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