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Posted by ilib on 25 June 2013 - 09:19 PM

1) Add to cart button on the event product list will not add anything to the cart

2) If you browse the event of another person there is only one button Add to cart, so you supposedly will be buying everything or nothing. That's not correct. You must choose the items you are buying for your friend and after successful checkout these items should be removed and the owner will receive a notification

3) When you open an event of another person there is no title or description of the event, no name of the event owner

4) Actually the events should be listed only after searching. There may be thousands of records and there is no point to list them even last added (to make them indexed by google)

5) you can add products to your own event only from within the event. You must be able to import Wish List or add from product details page. The functionality of the wish list is not related at all to events but it should be a part of it