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shopping and checkout

Posted by ilib on 25 June 2013 - 08:25 PM

MVE rc2 (russian build)

4 bugs during checkout

1) Three items added to the cart. Only the first item shows the price. (see screenshot shopping_cart_1.tiff)
The others are "priceless". Hitting on recalculate will solve this.

2) Delete items one by one. You will have shopping cart with 3 placeholders. (shopping_cart_1.tiff)
Hitting on Recalculate will lead to "Ooops! An error occurred"

3) An attempt to proceed to checkout with such a shopping cart (with 3 phantoms instead of products) will be successfull!! See checkout.tiff screenshot

4) If you attempt to add an item to the cart that is already in, you will receive a warning saying that the item is already added (could not reproduce this second time)

All the above will not happen if you are logged in

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