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RC2 Romanian translation

Posted by urecheatu007 on 24 June 2013 - 10:52 PM

Hello, i managed to finish the translation for romanian (the demo strings are only partially translated).
It is for the install folder, not an export from the admin. It incluses: ro.json file for the installer, lang.sql - fully translated and synced for RC2, and lang_demo.sql - partially translated (the products descriptions are still in english).
I can finish the demo stuff too, but it will take some days, since i can only provide my free time for this (it took me almost 3 weeks to redo the main file).
The id for romanian is 12 as in the new format.
NOT fully tested, just finished, but so far the install process is running ok on my localhost and no problems visible on a first browse. I will test it properly, and revise the files accordingly.

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some small fixes, a couple of typos.

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