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404 on addon access

Posted by tbirnseth on 15 May 2013 - 08:29 PM

The attached archive contains a very small addon that should die/print the filename of the controller when installed and accessed via:

But instead generates a 404.

More changes. I'm so glad you think that V4 was designed to be so compatible with V3 addons!
No more 'admin' or 'customer' controllers, now they're 'backend' and 'frontend'. Please fix your docs.


Thank you for the comment about our docs. Currently we are working on this.
Have you still got the problem with your add-on or it was fixed by renaming "admin" to "backend"?

Keep me on this.
Thank you!

changed status to: Awaiting Feedback

Changing to 'backend' resolved it.
Again, another change that adds NO value to anyone other than to cause rework.

changed status to: Fixed