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Seo rules - adding rule does not work

Posted by urecheatu007 on 26 April 2013 - 08:34 AM

In admin - seo rules, adding a new seo rule with a correct dispatch value and url segment does not add the rule. After pressing save it prints the succes message and reloads the seo rules pages, but the new rule is missing.

Dear urecheatu007,
You should manage SEO rules under selected Storefront. Please check it and let us know whether it works.

There is only one storefront in my local install, so there is no selector.

A small update, editing the seo rule url segment doesn't seem to work also.
Some background info: the script is installed as trial on a local wamp, php 5.3.
There is 1 storefront (i've deleted the acme one), 2 languages: english and romanian.
The post data seems ok, there is a succes message.
PS: as i've played with them, in 2 instances i was redirected to login page after pressing the save button.

Yeah I had the same issue, but when I switch to my main store (I didn't delete the acme one) and change or add seo rules while having a store selected it works for me.

So it just seems like the problem is when you have all stores selected or only a single store in the system (When I deleted the acme store and tried updating the SEO rules for the only store left it failed to work as urecheatu077 stated above).

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Hi all,

Thank you for the report. This issue was fixed.

The problem was in the storefronts selector. SEO rules can be created only by a storefront admin, but not by the root administrator. To fix this before the final release - use the storefront selector. Choose any one and create your rule.

Best wishes!

changed status to: Fixed in next version

May 15 2013 02:05 PM
I dont think this was fixed in beta3?