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Php 8 Upgrade Required Rate Topic   - - - - -


Posted 04 March 2022 - 03:04 PM #1


When we switch from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8 our site does not load.  Is there anything we can do to upgrade.  It is mandator from our hosting company. 

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Posted 05 March 2022 - 09:30 AM #2






It doesn't say here that CS-Cart / Multi-Vendor is php 8 ready. You should be using php 7.4


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Posted 20 May 2022 - 11:53 AM #3

Thank you soft-solid.

Indeed there is no official support of PHP8 yet.


In general PHP8 works quite fine with CS-Cart since 4.13. Several of our QA work exclusively on PHP8. However there could be some specific bugs.


Since CS-Cart 4.15 we will officially announce support of PHP8.

Ilya Makarov,
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Posted 20 May 2022 - 12:23 PM #4

To give a little more context to what Ilya said:


CS-Cart usually supports new PHP versions long before we officially announce them. We do it like that to ensure the best possible experience for the widest audience. Most customers aren't after the bleeding edge technologies; they'd rather have their site work as smoothly as possible.


That's why we start by having some of our QA engineers test the software on the new PHP version. The process takes months; we catch issues (or learn about them from early adopters) and fix them in new releases. Then, once we've tested it long enough to ensure that everything works fine, we declare official support.


As Ilya mentioned, CS-Cart 4.13.x already supports PHP 8 "unofficially", so you should be able use it. The later the CS-Cart version, the better it should work with PHP 8. In version 4.15.1, we'll make the support of PHP 8 official.


P.S. It's too soon to start using PHP 8.1 though. We know for a fact that there are issues with that version, and we'll be working on fixing them.

Ivan Koshkin,
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