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Billing Vs. Shipping Addresses Rate Topic   - - - - -

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Posted 29 November 2021 - 07:33 PM #1

We are experiencing a problem with the Billing Address not being set upon Checkout when it differs from Shipping address

Here are the scenarios we have tested upon checkout:
*New User Account with Profile with no information filled out for Shipping or Billing to begin with. Upon checkout, Shipping and a different Billing Address are entered.
*Guest Checkout.  Upon checkout, Shipping and a different Billing Address are entered.
In both of these scenarios, the billing address is set to the same as the Shipping address.  You can see this behavior when you View Orders in the Administration Panel and when you view the Customer Profile.  

In our system, settings.Checkout.address_position is set to "shipping_first"
I did some investigating, it doesn't seem that the 
$ship_to_another flag is being set to true properly for either guest checkout or an existing account in /app/controllers/frontend/checkout.php.
I believe the issue is with fn_check_shipping_billing in fn.users.php.  This is just a guess though.


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Posted 30 November 2021 - 01:23 PM #2

Please make a post in the bug tracker. It looks like a bug



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