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Posted 28 September 2021 - 08:01 AM #1

Hello cs-cart community,


Cs-cart's images system works well when you have fixed way to display. but not in this case and I have done some research already and stuck with some question. I am hoping to get some one cs-cart expert answer my question, or share their opinions.



A addon imports products from other website. the other.com sellers puts some extra images in the product descriptions` within HTML. for that reason, when we imported the product, on our website's product description will be the same as other.com and those images are hosted on other.com servers.


I am thinking how to copy those images to our server on product_update and thinking to use update_product_post and extract those images url's and save on our system. but on the cs-cart images, if you have a static fixed way to display images, then you can do it easily. but on this case, seems like not, because all those processes are in 1 POST. for example some products might have 5 or 3 or 10 images in the HTML description.




like this urls;


here is some text messages and then <img src="https://ae01.alicdn....11a510ado.jpg">after those img tag have more text and comes again image tags.


I wanted like this;


here is some text messages and then <img src="images/product_desc_images/Hf1d15c6635fc44f9895563c111a510ado.jpg"> after those img tag have more text and comes again image tags.




if use cs-cart's image system, then then you can't use it when it come around text. because you have to know exactly image url, and each image url.




what can be done on this? what is your opinion? is this possible to achieve in cs-cart?


currently it works without any problem, but I don't feel it's a professional way work. for that reason I was thinking to host those images on our webserver. 



thanks in advance, please don't hesitate to write anything