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Posted 10 April 2021 - 01:24 PM #1


I published a website, however I received many troubles. First Varnish cache generated for Google blank pages, after fixing it I received some errors in JS also visible only for Google, and after all Googlebot doesn't want to index any other pages and labelled them as "Excluded" from indexing. The sitemap doesn't work properly, for example it included Brands for products which are not visible on the website and generating a thousand of empty content pages. It's really hard to deal anything with CS-Cart.


Posted 10 April 2021 - 02:46 PM #2

I think it's about SEO Fail. There are technical issues, it can be on your hosting side. Don't blame SEO, try to fix those issues and give it some time. SEO doesn't happen over nights.

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Posted 12 April 2021 - 04:20 AM #3

Varnish integration is not a part of CS-Cart core. So you should contact addon developer with this issue

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