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Block Titel As Link Rate Topic   - - - - -

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Posted 06 March 2021 - 08:27 PM #1



is it possible to show the Block Title as a link?





  • Darius
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Posted 07 March 2021 - 09:12 AM #2

For this I have created additional wrappers. For example for the block that shows new added listings
/ templates / blocks / wrappers / new.tpl (best sellers addon must be enabled, seo name new.html created) with content:

{if $content|trim}
    <div class="ty-mainbox-container clearfix{if isset($hide_wrapper)} cm-hidden-wrapper{/if}{if $hide_wrapper} hidden{/if}{if $details_page} details-page{/if}{if $block.user_class} {$block.user_class}{/if}{if $content_alignment == "RIGHT"} ty-float-right{elseif $content_alignment == "LEFT"} ty-float-left{/if}">
        {if $title || $smarty.capture.title|trim}
            {hook name="wrapper:mainbox_general_title_wrapper"}
                <a class="ty-underline" href="/new.html"><h1 class="ty-mainbox-title">
                    {hook name="wrapper:mainbox_general_title"}
                    {if $smarty.capture.title|trim}
                        {$smarty.capture.title nofilter}
                        {$title nofilter}
        <div class="ty-mainbox-body">{$content nofilter}</div>
Also I used wrapper for side box, so in mobile view it would be closed, opened by a click.