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Order Billing/shipping Company Name B_Company In The Rest Api Rate Topic   - - - - -


Posted 13 February 2020 - 02:52 PM #1

I am writing an API call to get Orders using the below documentation.  I am pulling down Order information including Billing and Shipping info just fine.  But, we have configured a Company Name in the Billing & Shipping areas that can be different than the main Contact Company Name.  I see b_address and b_address_2 being populated and returned in the Order API call.  But what I am not seeing is b_company or something similar.  I also do not see s_company, but s_address and s_address_2 are coming over just fine.  




Is there a way to specifically request those fields with the GET ORDER API call?


Here is a snippet of the fields that are being returned. Only the main Contact Company Name is returned in the object. The Billing and Shipping Company names are not present


{"order_id":"10001","is_parent_order":"N","parent_order_id":"0","company_id":"1","user_id":"6121","total":"113.73","subtotal":79.2,"discount":0,"subtotal_discount":0,"payment_surcharge":0,"shipping_ids":"6","shipping_cost":"24.53","timestamp":"1581352498","status":"P","notes":"NOTE - Please ship next day","details":null,"promotions":[],"promotion_ids":"","firstname":"da","lastname":"cr","company":"KIA","b_firstname":"da","b_lastname":"cr","b_address":"123 Main","b_address_2":"","b_city":"My City","b_county":"","b_state":"TX","b_country":"US","b_zipcode":"78681","b_phone":"0000","s_firstname":"Da","s_lastname":"Cr","s_address":"321 Main Ave","s_address_2":"","s_city":"Ne City","s_county":"","s_state":"TX","s_country":"US","s_zipcode":"78229","s_phone":"1111","phone":"2222","fax":"","url":"","email":"","payment_id":"1","tax_exempt":"N","lang_code":"en","ip_address":"","repaid":"0","validation_code":"","localization_id":"0","s_address_type":""