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Cs-Cart And Multi-Vendor 4.11.1 Released Rate Topic   - - - - -

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Posted Yesterday, 11:59 AM #21

Check the table "cscart_bm_layouts" for the field "storefront_id".  The error suggest that it is not there.
If it doesn't exist, run this query:
ALTER TABLE `cscart_bm_layouts` ADD `storefront_id` INT(11) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' AFTER `style_id`;

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Posted Yesterday, 01:00 PM #22

Thank you very much for your help. I had to restore the back up. And then afterwards it worked on the second install after that query

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Posted Yesterday, 03:03 PM #23

I have got a bug after upgrading my store. Additional product images in RTL are not displaying. I double checked on your demo store and found the same. There should be missing CSS. Now I have to downgrade my store until this is fixed. 


Thank you! 



Sorry to hear you ran into the problem and had to revert the upgrade. I've reproduced the issue and forwarded it to the developers. Once we have any news about the fix, we'll reply here.


I have the same problem and fixed it temporary by this below additional css codes added to my theme css :

.ty-product-img , .ty-owl-previewer.ui-dialog-content{

Note : our site is RTL and this above code will shown as LTR on site by CS Cart magic :)


Posted Today, 04:30 AM #24

6 days after release and update still not available. This is one of the major weakness of CS-Cart, we should have the option to download the update to uploaded to our server.