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Posted 06 November 2019 - 02:55 PM #1

Addons page in our store - link
Demo with admin access - link
Docs - link
We create a forum topic specifically for notifications about updates, discussions, and feedback collection.

The addon extends the standard CS-Cart functionality for working with promotions, allowing you to use all modern methods of influencing users of the online store to increase sales.


Main possibilities:


1) Adds the ability to create a detailed page for a promotion (with the action type For catalog) with its own layout, open for search engines and a product list in this promotion and displaying a countdown counter. For each promotion you can edit / display:

H1 tag;
Page title (Title tag);
Meta description tag;
Meta keywords tag;
Image for promotion page;
Image for a list of promotions;
Filtering by categories of products from this promotion;
Filtering by features of products from this promotion.


2) Adds advanced output for all promotions page with announcements of current promotions and a list of available product combinations (form native CS-Cart Product Combinations addon) (with the ability to customize the number of promotions and combinations displayed on this page in pagination)


3) Adds improvements to the product detailed page with an active promotion (type of promotion For catalog):

block for the announcement with a countdown counter (with the possibility of setting the end point: Until the end of the promotion or Until the end of the day);
the Promotions product tab with all the promotions, that are currently available for the product


4) Adds improvements to product lists:

all products for which there are active promotions (with type For catalog) will be marked with the Promotion label;
the ability to display list of active promotions for product in list, when you hover over its cell (for UniTheme, Youpitheme themes) in the list of products.


5) Adds extra blocks to the store with presentations of promotions:

AB: Promotions - list of promotions with possible content filling types: Manually, Active actions, Ended actions, Expected actions;
AB: Product of the day and extended promotions - announcement of a chosen promotion with a counter, promo summary and its products.


6) Adds the possibility of advanced management of the promotion activity schedule: the ability to manage campaign activity periods at the level of each day / hour of the year in a convenient interface


Integrations with another CS-Cart addons from AB-team:

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Posted 06 November 2019 - 02:58 PM #2

Dear friends, we have released new update release
Product Of The Day And Extended Promotions v 3.1.2 from 05/11/2019
Bug fixes:
[!] On the promotions list page, if promotion hasn't expiration date then it's title fitted closely to image, on smartphones. Fixed.
[!] Fixed issues of style compatibility with UniTheme 2 version 4.10.4.b.
[!] In the Responsive theme, on a promotion page, by default was hidden description, image and countdown timer. Fixed.
[!] In the Responsive theme, in Grid product list, when addon setting "Displaying applied promotions in the product lists" is active, block with applied promotions was misplaced. Fixed.
[!] In the UniTheme 2 theme, on a promotion page, for mobile devices products filter moved under the products block. Fixed.
Updates are available to all users with an active subscription; they are made through the CS-Cart Update Center.
If you want to receive information about all our updates - subscribe to our Telegram channel

Alexbranding = best seo addons and themes for cs-cart

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Posted 22 July 2020 - 12:36 PM #3



I have problem Product of the day and extended promotions block not showing in the the homepage as in block. but i can see in the promotions, please let me know any idea?