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Posted 24 October 2018 - 11:32 PM #1

Hi guys,


Hoping some of you might be able to help me. I am looking for some real world feedback on some currently available CS Cart SEO add-ons and how they can be used together (potentially) to create a solid foundation for SEO on Multi-Vendor.


I am very aware that a solid ranking is very much a collection of many factors, including content, strong social media presence, SSL and back links. I merely wish to ensure that I am nailing as many of the factors that as easy to control / implement :)


I am looking to combine both the Simtech Mega SEO add-on - https://www.simtechdev.com/addons/site-management/seo-package.html and package with a product such as https://marketplace.cs-cart.com/add-ons/marketing/canonical-url-and-duplicate-content-fix.html from CS Cart Rocks, or an offering from CS Coding https://marketplace.cs-cart.com/add-ons/marketing/seo-optimization.html the concern being that given the speed at which SEO advances, and that the CS Cart Rocks product has been available for quite some time, are the benefits of the CS Cart Rocks add-on still relevant (some features appear to be available as standard in CS Cart now)?


Any feedback on whether the Simtech add-on will work in harmony with to one of the latter options?


Secondly - My Multi-Vendor store will be highlighting deals from local businesses with a brick-and-mortar presence. As such, I would like to hear some thoughts and opinions on what can be done to ensure that physical location of the Vendors can be included with SEO. For example there will hopefully be a tonne of vendors with a wide geographical catch net. Is there any way to ensure results can be localised given vendor will be supplying and displaying their address?


Thanks guys, really appreciate your help!