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E-Mailmarketing Integration (Klaviyo / Mailchimp /etc) Rate Topic   - - - - -

  • JayNL
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Posted 14 September 2018 - 07:57 AM #1

Hi guys,


we want to have full e-mailmarketing integration for cs-cart but this seems hard because there are no off-the-shelf API's for any of the major players, such as Klaviyo and Mailchimp.


Mailchimp and Klaviyo are both extremely powerful tools for e-mailmarketing offering product database integration (so you can easily select and add your products in you newsletters), segmentation, etc etc.


All the plugins out there provide some basic functionality but none of them seem to take full advantage of the possibilties and basically just forward the subscriber details. After a long talk with Klaviyo it became clear how powerful their platform really is, and how many options are unavailable to us, but there is no API for cs-cart and writing it will be costly.


I am curious to know from any cs-cart users and/or any devs here:

- what solutions do you use for e-mailmarketing?

- are there any devs that have already offer or are capable of developing a full API?

- what would it cost to write a cs-cart API / plugin?

- who is interested in working together and either share the costs? Maybe with sufficient interest a dev here would be interested in developing an API / plugin (platform to be discussed) for sale on cs marketplace. I am convinced this would become a very popular plugin very quickly, because I've seen how much this increases and how much time it saves.


Currently I feel this is a major weak point for CS-cart and should be addressed. But perhaps my conclusions are wrong and there are in fact powerful solutions that take full advantage of all the possibilities for e-mailmarketing (which seem to be readily available for all other populair webshop systems).


Let's discuss!

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Posted 14 September 2018 - 04:38 PM #2

Did you try https://marketplace....-workflows.html ?


And what about https://marketplace....nced.html?sl=en

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Posted 14 September 2018 - 11:40 PM #3

And we've done a couple of Klavio integrations but don't offer it as a production addon.  But we'd be happy to work with you to install on your site.

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