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  • ikoshkin
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Posted 22 February 2019 - 12:57 PM #101

If you're asking about this:

So the scenario will be 
1. You import products
2. Switch to product list and select Recently updated search.
3. Select the products and apply the required categories to them like this: https://www.evernote...ud6-yloTMETLiM 

Then it already works at the demo: just select a few products at once, and you'll be able to easily add/remove categories in bulk. That functionality was introduced in version 4.9.1. So, if all products are already created in your store, and you've assigned the desired categories to them in bulk manually, then you can simply update quantities without assigning categories.

But if you're asking about category mapping in the Advanced Product Import, then unfortunately I can't say if/when it happens. It all depends on how many of our clients request that functionality.

  • crazyshark20
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Posted 23 February 2019 - 11:13 AM #102

Hi ikoshkin thanks to reply


I'm asking about category mapping.
I am in contact with more than one company to grow and grow more. I want them to get xml or csv out of office programs.
There are thousands of products in multiple product categories.
It takes a lot of time to add to the site, for category matching.
Because the products in the given xml and csv files exist in dozens of categories that they create according to the name they specify.
I think that the majority of people who solve this problem by developing different solutions by their own means. Example libreoffice. Add all the products into one category and then match the category names one by one by replacing them with libreoffice, and finally import them. :)
I hope that as soon as the plugin is added to the feature.
Thank you for listening.

  • imago
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Posted 23 February 2019 - 07:48 PM #103

The most simple and practical category mapping is the following one:


Suppose your provider gives you a list of 10000 products in 200 categories. In most cases they will have some particular ID (IDP). If they don't, make a correspondence map between the provided categories and your own category IDs in the cs-cart (IDCS), like this


IDP   Category                        IDCS

1       Books                             540

2       Paintings                        578

3       Books about paintings   540, 578


You can describe the imported categories by 2 or 3 of your categories, as many as you need to cover the volume of the original category


Then let CS-Cart architects only design/introduce an option to accept the catID instead of the full-path-to-the-category