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CS-Cart 1.3.5 Service pack 2 is released. Rate Topic   - - - - -

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Posted 25 December 2007 - 03:40 PM #1


We'd like to inform the community that Service Pack 2 is released. Here's the changelog:
Version 1.3.5-SP2 (Dec 25 2007)

[+] Saving of information about shopping cart of unlogged user is added.
[+] PHP "getimagesize" wrapper is added.
[+] AJAX requests sent by post method are sent by real POST method (not via hidden iframe) now.
[+] Ability to display prices with/without taxes is added to cart/checkout pages.
[+] Configurable classes hierarchical analysis for compatibilities was added.
[+] Paypal Express Checkout payment is added.

[*] The "estimate taxes using default address" setting is added.

[*] Barcode tab was renamed to Order Barcode on the addons settgings.

[*] Payflow pro payment. "Merchant name" changed to "User name". Shipping name updated.

[*] Customer registration at checkout is disabled, if the administrator enables the "Administrator must activate new user accounts" option.

[*] Access restrictions: code simplified and improved.

[*] Affiliate module: "Partner" was renamed to "Affiliate".

[*] Features can be assigned to products via override section on multiple update page.

[*] Create temporary file wrapper function is added.

[*] Dirname function is replaced with wrapper when using on urls.

[*] Exim: caching added to products export.

[*] Exim: basic export options can be hidden now.

[*] "core/notification.php" file is removed.

[*] Notification subsystem: logic is improved.

[*] Suppliers: code simplified and improved.

[*] Sessions updated to not trust unsanitised variables from GET and POST requests.

[*] 3D authentication added for protx direct payment processor.

[*] Payflow was replaced with Payflow Pro with https interface.

[*] Bestsellers and Customers also bought are displayed through the listmania addon.

[*] Ads can be hidden now (to display in lismania).

[*] Eway form payment processor was updated.

[*] Quantity field is added to products multiple update.

[*] Option for ability to estimating shipping cost on the cart page is added.

[*] The installation instructions were updated as the CS-Cart distribution package is now available in a ZIP format also.

[*] Froogle settings were removed.

[*] Access restrictions: when IP-addresses which do not have access to the admin back-end are added to the list, the software checks so that the administrator will not forbid himself to access.

[*] The "Allow to import and export data" privilege checking is added for the "Export selected" button and for the "Import" and "Export" pages.

[*] LiveHelp: deletion of offline messages from the is added.

[*] Settings: translation of subsections is added.

[*] Affiliate: if the Affiliate system is disabled, then user will be redirected from the partner area to the customer area.

[*] The conditions are extended in the "https_detect.php" script.

[*] Cookies deletion procedure is improved.

[*] Reward points: rates of secondary categories are checked now if "override global" option is enabled.

[*] ExIm: ability to import product thumbnail only (without detailed image) is added.

[*] Product details page: layout is improved if product has no data (description, etc...)

[*] Unnecessary scripts removed from "image.php" file.

[*] Ideal buckaroo. Now works with banks or credit cards.

[*] Promotions: calculation of nested conditions is improved.

[!] Bug with cookies and sessions when using both 1.3.4 and 1.3.5, in 1.3.5 AJAX requests have the wrong session. Fixed.
[!] Image links were generated in the HTML catalog incorrectly. Fixed.
[!] Taxes and totals weren't updated in the "Estimate shipping" section. Fixed.
[!] Incorrect name of the state "Australian Capitol Territory". Fixed.
[!] Intershipper shipping calculator: if several realtime shippings were used, their rates were not defined correctly. Fixed.
[!] When using only Google checkout there was no opportunity to update cart. Fixed.
[!] General checkout: if some fields were incorrect and "shipping eq billing" checkbox wasn't checked, shipping section was closed after redirect. Fixed.
[!] One page checkout: if no shipping methods exist, error message wasn't displayed. Fixed.
[!] Classic checkout: checkout flow was broken if image verification was unsuccessful or account existed when registering new customer. Fixed.
[!] Warning message wasn't shown in shipping estimation section when no shipping methods were available. Fixed.
[!] Administrator could not save the changed order after deleting the credit card info. Fixed.
[!] Bottom box page links were always displayed even if they are disabled. Fixed.
[!] The existence of the AJAX-request in the "init.php" file was checked before its declaration. Fixed.
[!] Hidden products could not be added to the cart. Fixed.
[!] Customer could buy a product when it was out of stock. Fixed.
[!] Price including tax for the product with options calculated incorrectly on the product detail page. Fixed.
[!] An email with the access to the downloadable product was not sent to the customer. Fixed.
[!] Topics were not dispalyed if there were no root pages. Fixed.
[!] If Google checkout has payment surcharge then it was added even if another payment had been used. Fixed.
[!] Order could not be edited in the admin area if the product quantity was zero. Fixed. 
[!] Ogone web payment processor: wrong redirection link was generated. Fixed.
[!] Products were not displayed in the category with the "Hidden" status. Fixed.
[!] Javascript error on the profile page, caused by the required fields. Fixed.
[!] The "Add to cart" button still was displayed for the product with the empty price and the selected "Do not allow to add" option. Fixed.
[!] Payment repay did not work with the enabled "Ask customer to agree with terms & conditions during checkout" option. Fixed.
[!] Discount label displayed incorrect value for the absolute discount on the product detail page. Fixed.
[!] Price was not changed when changing variants of options in the "product_multicolumns.tpl" template. Fixed.
[!] SQL error appeared when trying to override the same main and secondary category for the product. Fixed.
[!] Notifications were not displayed on the login page if a customer entered incorrect data with enabled https connection. Fixed.
[!] User data was displayed on the "one page checkout" page without taking into account the "profile fields" settings. Fixed.
[!] Taxes that use absolute rates calculated incorrectly. Fixed.
[!] Payment surcharges didn't work on the one page checkout. Fixed.
[!] CSS list definitions don't allow to display "bullet" lists inserted via WYSIWYG editor correctly. Fixed.
[!] Pagination doesn't work correctly with disabled ajax-pagination.
[!] Product option combinations didn't change the image on cart page. Fixed.
[!] Regular expression to compare destinations formed incorrectly. Fixed.
[!] Paypal: return url pointed to incorrect location. Fixed.
[!] The "E-Mail" field was not displayed when registering on the checkout page ("User e-mail is used as login" and "Disable anonymous checkout" are enabled). Fixed.
[!] Database dumps, stored in *.tgz format weren't displayed in backup files list. Fixed.
[!] ExIm: if category name contained quotes, they weren't recognized correctly. Fixed.
[!] ExIm: incorrect query was formed for update object links. Fixed.
[!] ExIm: file upload to google server failed with some conditions. Fixed.
[!] ExIm: double quotes in category name were extra-slashed during import. Fixed.
[!] RMA: when product was refunded, order recalculated incorrectly. Fixed.
[!] RMA: when refund is done taxes were not recalculated. Fixed.
[!] Reward points: discount was applied twice to reward points in JavaScript;
[!] Reward points: points were not recalculated when a product had been returned using rma addon. Fixed.
[!] Reward points: The reward points are calculated incorrectly in JavaScript. Fixed.
[!] Reward points: The reward points of category is applied when the "Override global point" setting is disabled. Fixed.
[!] Reward points: if global price in points was used, it wasn't displayed on the product details page in the customer area. Fixed.
[!] SEO: if banner (ads addon) has link to product/category/etc... it was not rewritten. Fixed.
[!] SEO: page not found error was not displayed if wrond address was entered. Fixed.
[!] SEO: external links were rewritten to the local format. Fixed.
[!] SEO: incorrect redirection after form (form builder) submit when using HTTPS. Fixed.
[!] SEO: links for forms (form builder) were not rewritten. Fixed.
[!] SEO: redirect link generated incorrectly on IIS servers. Fixed.
[!] SEO: top links were not rewritten in the customer area. Fixed.
[!] SEO: when the "Show language in the URL" option was enabled and the current URL did not contain the '[lang_code]/' path then the language selectbox does not work. Fixed.
[!] SEO: shipping cost and taxes were not calculated at Google Checkout.
[!] SEO: multiple update did not work for topics and pages. Fixed.
[!] SEO: the "Currency" selectbox redirected to the wrong page at checkout. Fixed.
[!] SEO: seo name wasn't updated for categories, pages and topics when using multiple update. Fixed.
[!] Access restrictions: if the "Addons->Access restrictions->Allow login to the admin area from specified IPs only" setting is changed to disabled, when the "Access restrictions" addon is disabled, then an error occurred in the database. Fixed.
[!] Access restrictions: ranges of IP-addresses were defined incorrectly. IP-address was stored in the database as a signed number, not an unsigned one. Fixed.
[!] Access restrictions: administrator could delete his IP form the list of the permitted ones and lose the access to the admin back-end. Fixed.
[!] Gift Certificates: the "Purchase a Gift Certificate" link was displayed in the "Quick help" sidebox if this addon was disabled. Fixed.
[!] Suppliers: shipping methods can't be selected on cart page. Fixed.
[!] Suppliers: shipping rates were calculated incorrectly. Fixed.
[!] LiveHelp: text type notification did not work. Fixed.
[!] LiveHelp: when visitor started the chat, he saw the old messages. Fixed.
[!] Livehelp: if no operators online there is no reaction if customer click on Livehelp image. Fixed.
[!] News and emails: if 'Number of entries in "Site news" side box' option was set to empty value, database error appeared. Fixed.
[!] Listmania: only one list can be attached to CMS page. Fixed.
[!] Listmania: "products2.tpl" template did not display correctly in safari. Fixed.
[!] Listmania: unavailable products were displayed in the "Newest" list. Fixed.
[!] Listmania: list description wasn't saved without any value.. Fixed.
[!] Listmania: the "Appearance type" field was not populated when "List Objects" was set to "Pages" and "Appearance Box" - to "Product details page" on the "Update list" page. Fixed.
[!] Listmania: lists were located too close to the "Continue shopping" and "Checkout" buttons on the "View cart" page. Fixed.
[!] Listmania: links to topics and pages were generated incorrectly. Fixed.
[!] Wishlist: products were added to the cart without selected options. Fixed.

Compatibility issues

[*] PHP5 support is improved.

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Posted 25 December 2007 - 04:11 PM #2

Wow. Someone's been busy!

i think it's time I upgraded whle the shop is down fopr Xmas :)

Cheers! Nice Xmas present :)

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Posted 25 December 2007 - 07:43 PM #3

Pls, help. When I'm upgrading from 1.35SP1 to 1.35SP2 it shows error message>

' Error when openning './local/upgrade_package/changed_files.lst' to read ! '

I can't find this file in upgrade package.


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Posted 25 December 2007 - 08:15 PM #4


Just made my christmas day even better!

Thanks to the CS-Cart team!

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Posted 25 December 2007 - 08:49 PM #5

Pls, help. When I'm upgrading from 1.35SP1 to 1.35SP2 it shows error message>

' Error when openning './local/upgrade_package/changed_files.lst' to read ! '

I can't find this file in upgrade package.


It seems like the package was broken during download. Please try to download it again.


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Posted 26 December 2007 - 06:00 PM #6

Anyone having fun with the SP2 yet? Good Job CS-Cart team. Happy holidays!
Now, time to upgrade!!!!
No one knows it all, help others to help yourself

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Posted 26 December 2007 - 07:49 PM #7

I took the plunge earlier today and it fixed a slew of problems I was having with IE.

Way to go CS-Cart!

Now they just have to integrate Thickbox and it'll be just about perfect for me!
Version - 3.0.4
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Posted 26 December 2007 - 11:19 PM #8

Upgraded from 1.3.5 to SP2 using Store Manager. No problems.


Posted 28 December 2007 - 05:30 AM #9

I logged in and went to the File Area and there is no "Service Pack 2" upgrade softward to download. Can someone help?

  • zardos
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Posted 28 December 2007 - 12:00 PM #10

Have a look under (upgrades).

Upgrade package: CS-Cart 1.3.4 SP3 to 1.3.5 SP2
Upgrade package: CS-Cart 1.3.5 SP1 to 1.3.5 SP2
Upgrade package: CS-Cart 1.3.5 to 1.3.5 SP2

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Posted 04 January 2008 - 10:08 PM #11

Have a look under (upgrades).

Upgrade package: CS-Cart 1.3.4 SP3 to 1.3.5 SP2
Upgrade package: CS-Cart 1.3.5 SP1 to 1.3.5 SP2
Upgrade package: CS-Cart 1.3.5 to 1.3.5 SP2

damn i should start thinking of upgrading one of my site is in 3.4 im couple of notches behind...


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Posted 05 January 2008 - 05:23 AM #12

Upgraded from 135 to 135 sp2...All went well. Wao!
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Posted 05 January 2008 - 07:48 PM #13

I just upgraded from 1.3.5 SP1 to SP2 this morning. Everything appears to have worked perfectly! I did have a few simple mods in SP1, but nothing major.
Cs-Cart v1.3.5 SP2

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Posted 07 January 2008 - 02:15 AM #14

Report back after you have tested everything. You may have a different point of view. LOL


Posted 07 January 2008 - 07:17 AM #15

I upgraded from cs1 to cs2 and all went as planned.

The install stopped at one point, and I had to do it again, but it worked the 2nd time. Probably lazy network..

I also forgot that my mysql database address is localhost not my url.... ding dong.....

Part from that works fine.

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Posted 08 January 2008 - 12:47 PM #16

How do you guys upgrade from sp1 to sp2 ? did you use store manager or... ?

  • tmhs
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Posted 08 January 2008 - 01:33 PM #17

Don't upgrade yet as there seems to be bugs acknowledged by support.

Edit: To be fair they're now looking into it and recognise there are some bugs and are fixing them now :D
1.3.5 SP2 - Was Bugged...but support really pulled through on this one :D