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Posted 24 July 2020 - 07:07 AM #101

1- Can we fix category mapping.


if we choose categories can use automatic sub categories. Because main in 2 category name but sub categories have 40 and i must choose one by one manual.

Hello, XML and CSV Import could automatically link categories so that you don't have to link it manually. For this, you need to specify in the import file the full path to category with the Category delimiter that is specified in the import settings. Here an example: http://joxi.ru/brRM4.../bmoGpLBf9ZaXKm


When you want to plan to fix and publish



The refactoring XML and CSV Import is quite a big task, before the release the add-on will have code review and testing stages as well. So the exact date is unknown for now, unfortunately.


If you will still have problems with the import, please, contact us via Help Desk https://www.simtechdev.com/quote.html so that we could examine the problem and your import file. The catalogs of the suppliers differ from one another. So contact us for a free quote to make sure that the catalog of your supplier is compatible with the add-on.


Can you put column search in categorry mapping because we cant find or find category a lot of time we effort.


Like This




2- Can you add, modifiers in it. it is most useful.

I created tasks for considering adding this features in the add-on in the future developments and added it to the development queue. All tasks are made according to the priority: https://www.simtechd...ties/index.html

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