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Posted 07 May 2009 - 09:57 PM #21

To update on the "writeitonce" software, I will have to admit that so far their software has made it easier to import orders from CS-Cart (and other places like Amazon and Ebay). Below is our feedback so far.

The positive side of the software/company so far is...
1) Not only will it help you import the orders from your website and put them in to Quickbooks, but it will export your shipping information in to UPS Worldship or Endicia.
2) You can correct "alpha" characters to have proper capitalization.
3) It requires much less time to import and print orders in to Quickbooks.
4) It does NOT change the cost of items like CS-Cart does, so it keeps accounting easier.
5) I'm sure there are more, as it has made things easier.

The negative side of the software/company so far is...
1) There appears to really only be 1 employee.
2) Response time is often not within the 24 hours, so you'll have to be patient
3) They will want to charge you for any "upgrade" that ebay, amazon or CS comes along with. Even if you just bought the software 3-4 months ago.

So I would still give the software good reviews, but you'll have to be patient and you probably won't get any support should something change within the first few months of using it.

I know that some will disagree and think that we should pay for every upgrade. In my mind, if something doesn't "work" within the first months it is a "bug" and should be corrected.