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Twigmo Payment - How To Setup Paypay Monthly Payment?

  • Tim Hensel
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Posted 21 April 2015 - 03:19 AM #1

I have been using Twigmo for ... well I suppose since it has been on CS-Cart Add-on. But my old credit card expired, updated with the new card info (account # same ,etc just a new exp date and 3 Digits). Now Bluesnap cannot bill it anymore and tried a different credit card and that card was not going through on Bluesnap.

So in order to possibly same myself future headaches, I do not want to give Twimgo's Bluesnap another valid credit card # on top of the valid 2 they already gave.

Is it possible to re-setup a PayPal monthly payment again? I thought when you first started charging for Twigmo, PayPal was a valid payment option...but then the Bluesnap appeared instead.

I love having the mobile Twigmo add-on and it works very well, but it has been difficult to get my monthly payment to you. :(

- Tim
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  • antev
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Posted 21 April 2015 - 08:55 AM #2

Hello, Tim.

I see this error in the Bluesnap control panel for your subscription: "Billing problems: Authorization has failed for this transaction. Please try again or contact your bank for assistance". Unfortunately, we cannot fix it on our side.

At the moment we do not accept payments by PayPal. However, we are going to add support of it in the nearest future.

As a solution I can offer you to switch to the annual subscription plan. It is a little bit cheaper and you have to pay only once a year.

Thank you.
Evgeniy Antonov,
Twigmo team